Thursday, January 10, 2008

yellow curry

When I met up with bunny yesterday we went to hawthorne Blvd and ran errands, then stopped by Powells to check out dictionarys. I am supposed to by a gigantic dictionary and I am kind of putting it off... Then we walked up to Glisan street and went to trader joes. Trader Joes is a somewhat natural grocery store that has inexpensive prices. I love it. Even though bunny works at New Seasons and gets a good discount, it still doesn;t beat most of the prices there. We wore our hiking backpacks and bought a ton of food. Then we trekked home. We had a good time and by time we got home we were starving! We had Yellow curry chicken strfry with zucchini, peas(peas have been in almost everything lately because I have a ton!), corn, and cilantro. We had it with sticky rice. We also had a salad of swiss chard, carrots, flax and sunflower seeds w/ my favorite gyoza dressing.
I had enough leftover to pack our bentos for today. I stayed up way too late studying and only got like 4 or 5 hours of sleep. I was wound up! Oh well, that is kinda what I expected! school is great and its keeping me busy. I stopped by goodwill on way home today and found a book I have wanted for a long time by my favorite author, Banana Yoshimoto. It's called Kitchen and it is considered her best book and I had been waiting to buy it ( i am somewhat cheap, buying all of her least expensive books first!)
So that was a great score for me.
No more school this week, but I do work tomorrow!
Here are pics of last night's dinner
Oyasumi Nasai! (goodnight!)

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average rai said...

I love curry! Yours looks wonderful. I don't make it often enough.

I checked out the New Seasons website. It looks terrific. Again, I am jealous. There is no such thing as fresh seafood here (obviously). I haven't have fresh seafood since I was traveling in 2002!