Tuesday, January 29, 2008

family life

Not much going on here lately, since I have been under the weather. Starting to feel better, though. I didn't attend class today. I probably could have made it through the courses, but the commute was what i was mostly worried about. I don't feel so weak anymore, which is great. The main thing that is left over is that it feels like a litter of kittens are inside my tummy scratching away. My instructors were really nice and concerned. I am starting to wonder if it really was food poisoning. I guess there is a huge wave of a nasty flu going around. Regardless, I will always asscociate it with the Sashimi I ate. Ugh. The words still make me want to puke.
Anyway. Enough about that. Being this sick makes me appreciate my life and happy for what I do i have. Some people have illnesses where they feel like this forever. I feel lucky that this is not permanent. I also feel lucky to have bunny and my dogs. Bunny has been so thoughtful and caring through all of this. He listens to all of my crazy demands and and doesnt complain. Here is a picture of us the night before the illness took over. I don't mean to sound dramatic, but it seems like months ago! It was only 4 or 5 days ago.
The dogs are so sweet, and they seem to be giving me a little space today. Here they are in the living room soaking in a sunbeam on their little beds. They need to use those beds more often. Nigel was extremely protective over me when I had my fever and it was really cute. He has such a stubborn attitude, I sometimes find it cute and sometimes I am embarrased with just how much he runs things. The dog whisperer would have a lot to say about our relationship!
Tomorrow I think I will finally have the energy to move around and normal! WooHoo!
Well, this was quite a mushy little post!


average rai said...

What an adorable little family. You and bunny are so cute.

Sam is a lot like that when I am sad or sick. It's great that animals can sense that, but sometimes I don't need kitty all over me.

Are you able to eat any better yet?

bunbun said...

Awww,thanks. It is weird that animals know when things are not right.
I have been eating, last night I had chcken and wild rice soup and that was really good. I have been eating a lot of starches mostly, cause meat just sounds too heavy. Oddly enough, Mcdonalds has sounded really yummy, although i havent had any yet. I think I will have a chicken breast tonight.