Thursday, January 24, 2008

I heart Uwajimaya!

Today was great! The sun has been blinding and the air has been freezing. The sun's presence makes up for everything. After class my surrogate mom (I used to stay with her when I was a bad teenager) picked me up and took me to Osakaya, a japanese restraunt that I used to be a waitress at. We had shots of sake, and I had Sake Ikura Oyako Donburi, which is raw salmon, salmon eggs served over sushi rice. Not for every American out there, but I love it! Then she took me shopping at Uwajimaya, which just totally made my day! I got sushi rice, this soy sauce that is less salty than normal and has a citrus flavor, my favorite Sembei (rice cracker), and some chewy candy that I don't know much about yet. She took me home and we hung out with her giant Poodle, Beau and my Nigel. They are old friends. Simon doesn't play well with others, so he was banished to the backyard.
I had a had a great day and cant wait for bunny to get home!


average rai said...

That sounds like a great day! I was really surprised to see the pictures of the dogs.

My uncle used to have a standard poodle and a shih tzu. His poodle even had a purple collar. It was like seeing Edna and Molly again!

How did your candy turn out?

Amanda said...

That sounds nice! I liked Uwajimaya a lot, I want to take Dustin there and have a lot more time to look around at everything. I could have stared at everything for hours I think, it's so different.

bunbun said...

I never tasted the candy myself, but bunny ate the package in one sitting! He said they were chewy like starburst and tasted like sweet milk. He liked them a lot. I bought them because of the packaging. I am a total sucker for packaging. If something is cute or smartly designed, I will fall for it, and spend more money on it. I have given up on trying to change that about myself!