Wednesday, January 30, 2008

show and tell: Mrs. Kitty

Yessss! I feel better! I am having my first cappuccino since the incident. Yum. Limiting myself to one cup instead of the 1 or 2 pots I usually have. My smoking is better, too. The hard part is now that I am healthier the cravings have kicked in. So I have set a limit of 2 a day. For now. I sound like a junkie trying to convince people that I have everything under control! Anyway, I am so happy to feel good. I have a lot planned today, mixed with studying. I plan on doing some baking and stuff, will post what I make.
This morning after Bunny left for work at an ungodly hour, I had a weird dream that I was eating danish pancakes called Aebleskivers, from the bed and breakfast we stayed at in Leavenworth. One by one I would pop one of those apple filled cakes in my mouth. I have been craving sweets since I got sick. i woke up all sentimental for the place we stayed at, and I when I was in the kitchen I saw Mrs. Kitty and it brought back so many memories.
When we were on our honeymoon, we decided to buy one thing to have as a keepsake. At first it was going to be a music box. Leavenworth has a huge music box store. I am a huge fan of music box music, i find it to be so pretty and relaxing. But the saleslady was creepy and was trying to sell us thousand dollar boxes, so we ducked out. Every gift shop we went to had corny stuff you could buy anywhere. We didn't know what to buy. Back at the bed and breakfast they had a little curio cabinet in the dining room with french white porcelain stuff for sale. The kitty teapot was in the middle and both of us fell in love. The next day at breakfast, Bunny left to go get his wallet, and I asked the innkeeper to box it up for me. All of the guests who were eating breakfast were like "How sweet, that is a perfect memento" When he came back, the kitty pot was gone (she was getting boxed up in the back) I told bunny "Someone else bought her while you were gone." Everyone around us was snickering, trying to pretend they didn't hear us. Bunny looked defeated and just then the innkeeper came out with the box. He was sure surprised!
We call the teapot Mrs. Kitty. It is not really "our style" but we love it so much. I haven't used it for tea, I am afraid to. I want to pass it down in my family years from now. When I am in the kitchen cooking, she always puts a smile on my face. We plan on going to that bed and breakfast every year if we can on our anniversary and each year picking something up from the curio cabinet.
I really need to learn how to make Aebleskivers, since I am having dreams about them now! My Grandpa from Denmark used to make them when I was little and they are so so so good!


average rai said...

That is such a sweet story! My family doesn't really have any heirlooms. It's nice that you are starting one.

I am so glad that you are feeling better. What's for dinner tonight? Ha ha ha. I miss your food pictures. has a couple different recipes for Aebleskivers. They look delicious.

Amanda said...

I love your Mrs. Kitty story!

bunbun said...

thank you! I will use those recipes. I need to get the pan that is used for them. My mom has one, maybe I will ask to borrow it! I should have got one at the inn.