Wednesday, January 9, 2008

benkyo (studying)

It has been a good morning, no school or work today, so I finished my essay that is due tomorrow. The sun is out and there are cute little birds chirping outside my window. And of course, I have my cappuccino!! I have most of math homework done as well.
Bunny glanced at my math book and was all cocky at first, saying "This is high school math. (Yes it is, but it also has been 10 years since high school!) but then when I was doing my homework he was like "This is hard!" Haha, I didn't take it personally. That is why I am not taking too many classes is because I want to really focus on this math class. Also financial reasons too.
Anyway, last night we had pita pockets for dinner. Bunny's had ground turkey, jack cheese, scrambled eggs, and swiss chard. Mine had turkey, hummus, sundriedtomatoes, and an asian salad mix in it. We also had green beans cooked in garlic and soy sauce. very good.
I am meeting bunny after he gets off work at 3 pm and we are going to run errands all over town together, I think it will be fun!
Here are some photos, declaring my love of the cappuccino!


average rai said...

I love the pictures. The new table! It's very cute.

Also - deer on your shirt?! LOVE IT. I'm jealous.

All of your meals sound so delicious. I hear Oregon is very big on fresh produce. Do you have a lot of markets around there?

bunbun said...

i got that shirt at a thrift store!
yes, there are many markets here. fresh food is really popular. Bunny works at a organic store called New Seasons market.