Wednesday, January 16, 2008

unagi bento

This is my lunch today. It is unagi, which is broiled/bbq eel over sushi rice. I sprinkle furitake, which is seaweed shavings over it.
Unagi is one of my favorite types of sushi, i love how oily it is. it makes me feel really good after i eat it. I don't even try to make it myself, something about grilling eel doesn't sound fun! Served on the side is pickled ume, which is japanese plum. It supposed to be really good for you, part of the probiotic diet. I like it, it has a sour taste. Pickled ume and Unagi are not for everyone, however, bunny is not fond of either. But I love it and that it why it is my lunch today and not dinner!


average rai said...

No fair. Your food looks so delicious. I just keep staring into my kitchen at the man fixing my broken sink.... I will just have to ogle your pictures a little longer!

How often do you go to the japanese market?

bunbun said...

Was your sink broke?
There are 3 asian markets in Portland, all in different parts of the city. each one is good in its own way. I try to go to at least one of them every two weeks or so. The closest one near my house is a Japanese Market called Anzen, its really small, but it has been here since 1923. The owners are really cute and they handmade their own tofu. I got my most recent stuff at Uwajimaya, which I consider the mothership of stores here! I practically faint with excitement when I step in. I have thought a lot about working there part time while in school to help fund my japanese food and book addiction!

average rai said...

Yes, it was broken. But now it's all better and I can finally do my dishes. Exciting stuff. :)