Monday, January 14, 2008

taco night

Last night we had chicken tacos for dinner. I put guac, plain yogurt, spinach, mozzerela cheese, and chipotle sauce. It was yummy. We haven't had tacos in so long, but in the summer we practically have them every other day. After more homework, I fell asleep hard.
Today isn't as pretty as yesterday. I am at work and starving. My mom is interviewing someone and they wont stop chatting! Here is a pic of my bento lunch today. Bunny got this bento box for me about 2 christmases ago. He filled it with japanese stuff like sushi molds, travel books etc. It was the most thoughtful gift I have ever recieved. So my lunch today is a Hummus sandwhich with carrots and spinach and peas on the side. I am going to the my favorite Japanese store in Portland, Uwajimaya's today. I have to remind myself to hold back since I am planning my daiso trip next month.
Also, I made little organizers for my pencils and paper clips from old jars when I took a break from studying on Sunday.


Amanda said...

I think that's the cutest box I've ever seen. Also, I've never thought about a hummus sandwich, we have some in the fridge that we got at Costco and there's so much!

average rai said...

When do you leave for your trip?

Must provide lots of pictures!

average rai said...

P.S. Your sandwich looks yummy. Do you make your own hummus?

bunbun said...

we go to seattle on feb 23rd, i think. that weekend.
you better believe that there will lots of photos, to the point that you will be sick of them!
I don't make my own hummus, i tried once and it was gross. they sell boxes of it at bunny's work, but I figured out that it was pretty close to the price of fresh hummus. I eat a lot of hummus. I go through a container to myself a week!

average rai said...

I just had some hummus for supper! Store bought as well. I will post pictures in the morning. Good night!