Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tonkatsu Night

We had Tonkatsu for dinner tonight, which is pretty much our favorite dinner here. It is a popular japanese dish which is a pork cutlet dipped in flour, then egg, then panko. Panko is a light japanese breadcrumb. Then you deep fry it and serve it over rice, drizzled with tonkatsu sauce. The only way my tired brain can describe tonkatsu sauce is like a sweet thick worchishire (sorry for spelling) sauce. I love tonkatsu very very much and it has been too long since the last time i made it. since I went to Uwajimaya's on Monday this is kind of the start of japanese food for the next few days.
I am tired, but really happy and full, after a long day of school and studying I am ready for a hot shower and bed!
No school tomorrow, but lots of studying! I have a report due on thursday about bento box lunches and japanese food, so wish me luck!
Also the photos are tonkatsu sauce( they actually sell some at Safeway,but a different brand)
and the prep station of breading the pork. it is kind of a messy job
and the frying,those are cooking chopsticks, I like to use them instead of spatula.
and the finished result!


average rai said...

I love using panko! I sometimes use them when I back chicken strips. They are the perfect breading.

As always, your pictures are terrific!

What class is your report for?

Amanda said...

Yum! That looks good! I like the polka dots in the background too. :-)

bunbun said...

thanks, guys!
my report is for my essay class. we had to choose something we were an "expert" on and I couldn't think of anything, and bunny suggested that.