Monday, January 21, 2008

pretzels and soup

Today was a lovely day. It was so sunny and pretty. It is freezing cold, but beautiful. I don't mind the cold as long as the sun is out. I didn't have to work today because of the holiday, so I spent the day studying and doing laundry. I also made pretzels from my friend in North Dakota's recipe on her blog. They turned out wonderful. I use a toaster oven for my baking, since our oven emits fumes that makes us feel like we are going to faint. No matter how much we have cleaned it, it always does it the second it is turned on.
The toaster oven is fine and since i had to bake in small batches I was able to do different things each time. Some just had flax seeds, some mozzrella cheese, and some with crushed garlic and cheese. The kitchen smelled so good with the fresh baked bread scent. I really enjoyed kneading the mixture, it was relaxing. The night before bunny came home from work with a free organic ham, so I made split pea soup in the slow cooker. Tonight's dinner was soup with cheese melted on top and pretzels on the side. I loved it!
So I am about to hit the hay, catch a few wonder years episodes in bed! I have a big day in class tomorrow.
Thank you Average Rai for your great recipe, and Bunny thanks you, too!


average rai said...

I'm glad they turned out well! They look great. I know what you mean about the kneading. It's almost rustic. And made with love! Ha ha ha.

But that is seriously scary about your oven. Do you rent or own?

bunbun said...

i rent. there are a few things worth complaining to the landlords about, but the rent is so cheap, so we try to keep quiet. I would rather pay the cheap rent than the oven work/ plus its just me and bunny so the toaster oven works out nicely. The real oven takes up so much space since we only use the stovetop. Oh well!
This has inspired me to start baking bread as well. I used to be kind of daunted by the whole kneading thing, but now I am confident!