Monday, January 7, 2008

preparing for winter term

I am getting ready to start school tomorrow. Meeting my friend later on campus, she is giving me her 130 dollar calculator for my math class. That saves me so much money! So i am very grateful. Also, I am buying my books today. Last night we had a small dinner, Bunny isn't feeling great and we both have been freakishly tired lately. So we had rice bowls, bunny's had the last of the ham, garlic, peas and egg. Mine had peas and egg (I am a little tired of the ham at this point!). Then we watched the movie Scratch, it is a documentary about hip hop and Dj's. Bunny used to be really into break dancing. It was a cool movie. We laid in bed as we watched it and ate MM's till my teeth were rotted! I am sitting here at the desk having my cappuccino before i get ready for the day. i want to be super on top of it for tomorrow. I don't want to be the student that is the only one without the correct pencil, or whatever. It has been so long since I have been in school, so I have a few butterflies in my tummy. But it is good nervous excitement, I am ready for it!
Hoping bunny has a better day and feels good. I don't think either of us have fully bounced back from our cold/flu. I think he may have an ear infection, but he doesn't want to admit it yet!


average rai said...

Your bowls are just plain adorable.

School tomorrow. How exciting! Do you have a lot of books to buy? That is the worst. I always dreaded that day.

I made your bran muffins this weekend. They are delicious. I added a carrot and flax seed to the recipe. Significant Other tried mine, then ate one, then ate another one! He didn't think he would like bran muffins, but he was proven wrong. So thank you very much.

bunbun said...

Oh that makes so happy! I am so happy you tried those muffins! I didn't have too many to buy. And those bowls, yes I love them, the bigger one we got at thrift store and the little one we got at an asian mall.
they are really useful.