Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Maneki Neko (lucky kitty)

I have been up since 5 am, Bunny had a staff meeting at working at 5:45, so i got up with him. Yesterday the landlord surprised me and showed up at the house with his landscaping crew. I was trying to get ready for school and every room I tried to get dressed in, including the bathroom, had a landscaper right by the window. It was weird. But now all of the shrubs are manicured and everything(almost) looks nice. We had a good dinner last night. I took pics, but Bunny accidently deleted them right after. i was able to get a shot of the leftovers, but it's not the same! It was whole wheat pasta w/ turkey meatballs,and a turkey/mushroom/garlic gravy on top. Then I covered it in cheese.
I was so tired last night, I ended up falling asleep before 9 pm. It felt good, though. I like waking up this early and wish i would everyday. I paid all of my bills online, made a grocery list for today and had breakfast already. I just cant get my ass up most of the time.
Here is some photos of various Japanese toys we have around the house. One is solar powered lucky kitty. The green color is to bring good fortune. Her arm swings wen the sun is out, and on really sunny days I swear her little arm is going to fall off. The little ball thing is called a Daruma.I think I spelled that wrong. Daruma in japan are idols to help you reach your goals. This is a minature cute one. More traditional ones are more serious looking. We have a more serious one in the living room. These are just a few of our many japanese trinkets. The Daruma is what is called a Gashpon. that means it is meant to be sold in a coin operated machine. Japan is full of those. When my friend Kaori went back home to japan I asked to pick me up some Gashpon toys. She did and I was so excited.
Today I am going to the airport to pick up my friend who is getting in from Santa Cruz. We are going to take the train back together. She has a thing about someone waiting for her at the airport, and I understand because when I used to travel alone i would be a little bummed when I came home and no one was waiting for me. Plus, I think it is fun to go to the airport. Then i am going to meet bunny and we are going to go grocery shopping. Fun day ahead!

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average rai said...

How was your friend? Did you go grocery shopping? I love seeing what fun things you got!