Saturday, January 19, 2008

saturday breakfast

Every Saturday morning we always have a big breakfast. I like to take my time with it, having a cappuccino with bunny in the mudroom, and it almost always includes waffles. My favorite waffle mix is from trader joes and it is a mixture of oatmeal powder, cornmeal, and whole wheat flour. I mix in blueberries, blackerries and raspberries and also put the on top. We had them with Chicken maple sausage. I also made bunny an egg scramble with cheddar and mozzerella cheese melted on top. I like to watch America's Test Kitchen on public broadcasting on my old black and white television in the kitchen while i do this. It is kind of a ritual, I guess. Then we went out, bunny was supposed to get his haircut today, but he somehow got out of it! He's sneaky! I got my hair cut and colored, I will post pics later. I like it, bt its a little dark. But it always is this way and fades drastically about a week later. I was starving by time it was done, so we went to new season's deli and had really yummy corn chowder. The walk home was nice, it was kind of a dark day, though.


Amanda said...

Yum! Dustin and I always used to do big breakfasts on Sundays until Lucy/new schedule. We still make them sometimes during the week since he doesn't have to be to work until 11. It makes the mornings so cozy. I like your addition of berries, never thought of doing that. :-)

average rai said...

More delicious food! Hope you had a great weekend.