Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mochi cupcakes

I baked mochi cupcakes today, I got the recipe from kawaii crafter's blog. I made them today for two reasons: 1, I have been wanting to try it since I read the recipe, and 2, because our friend, who also works with Bunny, just got diagnosed with a wheat gluten allergy. He eats muffins every morning and loves food, so he has been pretty bummed out. So since this is made with rice flour, I thought it might be a nice pick me up for him. They were really fun to make, the dough has the coolest texture and is easy to work with. I like the taste because it is not too sweet just right. The recipe is on her blog, and pardon me for not knowing how to link to it!
The pics include the bean paste that is the filling, the sweet rice flour box, it is only 50 cents, my prep station, and the finished product!
Thank you kawaii crafter!


kawaii crafter said...

They look delicious, wish I had some right now. I'm glad you like them.

Thanks for letting me know how they came out. It's always fun to see pictures of things people make from the posts. :)


Amanda said...

The cupcakes look fluffy and yummy! When I was growing up my mom had the whole set of those pyrex green and white flower bowls, I haven't seen one for a long time! I found a link to this website from a blog, there are so many wonderful patterns!

average rai said...

That is so kind of you to make these for your friend. Can you post the recipe?

:) Have a terrific evening, miss!

bunbun said...

That pyrex website really makes me drool!
I have a lot of old pyrex. fire king, and other brands that I have collected over the years. It is mixed and I will only spend so much. But when Bunny or I see a score at the thrift store, it is so exciting! i don't even remember where I got that one bowl, I think my friend laura gave it to me. Bunny is just as into it as me!
I like having unmatched dinnerware