Thursday, January 24, 2008

public transit day

I take public transportation everyday, but yesterday it seemed like I was on it all day. Thats OK, I had fun. I met up with my two best friends Noel and Brian at the airport. Brian has been my friend for 10 years and Noel (who used to date Brian a couple years ago) has been my friend for 5 years. Brian was supposed to be my "maid of honor" at my wedding, but he couldn't make it. Well, he would have been more of a groomsmen, but you get my point. The three of us dont get to hang out much, so it felt like old times and was just what I needed. We all took the train home together and then I met up with Casey at trader joes. We bought basic groceries like meat and produce and came home. It was a long day. I had my final draft due, which meant it had to be "publication" ready today. I freaked out on my paper, I think I may have been too hard on myself. It was the first huge project I have had to turn in since I have started school. I went to bed freaking out and ended up having some of the worst nightmares I have ever had that nothing to do with anything. When I woke up, I felt happy to not have to sleep anymore. When I have bad nightmares I am in kind of a fog the next morning. But by time I got to school I felt good and more confident on my paper.
On a lighter note I made myself a raspberry, banana, yogurt, and granola parfait last night. I have this in a bowl often, but having it parfait style somehow made it seem yummier!
Picture Notes:
Noel on the train-82nd Ave is a trashy street in Portland
Brian and I on the train-this isnt the greatest photo of either of us. I wish I would have cropped myself out of it!
Bunny playing video games on the Bus on the way home
Yogurt Parfait


average rai said...

Yum! That parfait looks awesome. I just bought some granola. It looks like I have a dessert idea for tonight. . .

How far away does your friend live? I love meeting up with old friends. I wish they would all just move to Fargo like I did.

I'm sure your paper was great. I give it an A plus. :)

bunbun said...

My friends live on the other side of Portland. Not that far. We just get really caught up in our own lives. I find out my grade tomorrow for my paper! Woo hoo!
Is black sweater boy and those people old friends of yours?