Friday, February 1, 2008

just another day at the office

I am going to go a little post crazy this evening, because Bunny got my illness. It just hit him like an hour ago and he is down for the count. I got sick exactly a week ago, so he got it from me, he has the same exact symptoms I did and I feel so badly for him. Hopefully i am as good to him as he was to me. Is there an evil force out there that wont let us have a fun weekend? Well, it did start off great. In fact we were celebrating right before it happened. So I am sitting here in the bedroom keeping a watchful eye on him.
I will start out with this morning, I had to work at the office. This photo is my bus stop downtown. I like this part of downtown since it isn't as seedy as some parts.
The next photo is of my lunch, which kind of cracked me up how childish it was. It looks like a kid from 1985's lunch. The thermos is Bunny's. I got it for him at the thrift store by my house. He is a huge fan of retro video games and I was so excited to give it to him. I left my coveted thermos in Diane's van last week. I try to watch it like a hawk, but i had a little sake in me at the time. I love that hello kitty lunch purse. It is a perfect size to carry and sandwich and a side. The contents weren't too exciting, just a hummus sandwich and some broccoli.
I am happy for my mom because her business is doing really well! I think I am going to work more hours there because she is a little swamped.

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Amanda said...

Aaaack that photo is making me miss Portland. Especially with all the snow and coldness we've been getting here!