Saturday, February 9, 2008


This morning while we were having breakfast and coffee, a package from Bunny's Mom showed up on our doorstep. It was the sweetest present, all wrapped up in such pretty wrapping. It was kunsudo green tea incense from Japan. It smells delightful! We were both so excited about it. I love matcha/green tea so much and this has such a genuine matcha scent. The house smelled like a tea ceremony! Plus the little box it comes in is so pretty! I have such a weakness for Japanese packaging! It came from a new gift shop in her area called Takara. It sounds like a lovely store!

The weather was so beautiful today. You can feel spring coming. We did our trek to trader joes and stocked up on everything.
We also have gone on a few walks today because the weather has been so pretty. We haven't even had to turn on the heater today, which is crazy!
Tonight we had shrimp skewers with a mango-ginger chutney from trader joes. On the side we had curried vegetables.

This has been a really great weekend and I hope the weather could be like this for a little longer! I am counting the days until Seattle! (12)


Amanda said...

Wow, that incense box is lovely! I haven't been to that store yet, I'll have to go there. I love good incense, it seems like the cheap ones just smell smoky. How did you guys make those shrimp skewers? Dustin would love them. I can't wait until Trader Joe's opens here, they're saying the middle/end of March.

bunbun said...

They are really easy to make. I used about 40 medium sized cooked frozen shrimp. (trader joes sells about 80 for 4.99) To defrost, just put shrimp in a bowl of lukewarm water for about 10 minutes. Then put on skewers and spread chutney or whatever sauce you ike over them. Warm in oven for about 15 minutes. You don't want re-cook the shrimp so just bake long enough to serve.
trader Joes will change your life when it opens! There are so many things they sell that I couldn't normally never afford to buy. They even sell matcha cake mix!
I still shop at other places for different things. the only drawback is that they are out of stuff a lot and customers are a little crazy sometimes. Mostly someone you can tell that is having a dinner party, I get pushed a lot there! the organic produce and frozen section are probably the best deals.
I totally agree with you on cheap incense. Funny thing is a day or two before I was standing in New Seasons looking at their incense and wishing that I could have some nice incense, and wa la, there it was at my door! And even better than what they have!

Amanda said...

Hey thanks! Do you put the shrimps right in the water or do you put them in water in a ziploc or something? Shrimp intimidate me. It was just recently that I could eat them without being grossed out, now I like them and am trying to figure out more ways to cook them.

Oiyi said...

Your dinner looks quite lovely! I liked how you shaped the rice.