Saturday, February 16, 2008

fever cakes

Wow! Where the heck did this week go? Today marks one week of not leaving the house. The last time I left was for our trader joes trip. Today is the day that I finally feel normal. We both had fevers everyday up until last night. They were pretty much low grade fevers most of the time, but we were pretty miserable. We usually never get sick at the same time, so it is nice to be able to care for each other. But this time we were both down so it was pretty hard. Today is the major cleanup day, the house is scary right now!
Fevers can make you a little batty, and the day before Valentines day, I was filled with crazy ideas that I had to make something to make it special since we were sick. Also, baking calms me, and I was getting restless from being in bed for so long. So I ventured into the kitchen with a face mask on (so I didn't hack and sneeze all over the cakes) and made mini Maple Cakes, from Martha Stewart's recipe for Maple Bundt Cake, from the feb. issue. I would have made it a bundt cake, but I don't have a bundt pan, plus the toaster oven is better suited to these little heart shaped pans.
Her recipe calls for maple infused whipped cream frosting, instead I made a maple glaze, so they came out a little like doughnuts.
After the cakes were done, it was right back into bed for me. Valentines day was spent in bed with bunny, sicker than dogs. But at least we had each other, and so that made us happy.
Today the weather is GORGEOUS! How can you not feel better when the sun is beaming and the air is crisp and clean feeling? So I am off to give the house and myself a makeover. We have A LOT of stuff to do before our Seattle trip next week. I am so glad we are feeling better in time for that. I had nightmares of us hanging out sick in our hotel room.
Oh yeah, I changed the name of this blog from My Little Life (which when I first started this blog I didn't know what to call it so I just quickly typed that) to Honey and Clover, which I think is a cute name, it is also the name of one of our favorite Japanese TVshow/Movie, so I thought it was a good idea. I also changed the template because the one I had before was so dark. After being sick, I want everything to be as bright and cheerful as possible!


Amanda said...

Those are cute! I've never tried a bundt cake before, they look really good. Glad to hear you're feeling better! I think my getting sick was maybe a false alarm because I feel way better today. It might just have been that I got really run down from Valentine's Day at work and my body freaked out at me, which I don't blame it for doing. Lucy was sick once when she was a newborn but it was a very mild cold and was no big deal. I didn't even have to give her medicine. I've been lucky so far. Today was absolutely gorgeous and tomorrow is supposed to be too!

bunbun said...

I am glad it was a false alarm!!!!!!!!