Wednesday, February 20, 2008

lunch pouch

Bunny brought home this bag from work and I really liked it, but it had a baby food logo across the front, so I covered it up with some fabric and ric rac. I like little pouches to keep small snacks in while I am at school. I wish my stitching was a little better, but I have no patience! It was fun to do, though.
Not much has been going on around here lately, we have been low key this week because of our Seattle trip this weekend. I also have had a ton of homework and I am trying to take care of that this week before we go. My brother in law, Andrew is moving in our house for a little while, starting today, so I am cleaning up our spare room for him. Also, today is wednesday, my baking day, so I am going to try to whip something up in the kitchen today after I go to the store.
Lately, for dinner I have been cooking things I already have posted about in the past. I cannot get enough shrimp lately!!!! Last night was just a simple shrimp stir fry, with a little teriyaki sauce.


average rai said...

I love pouches, too! I just got two of them. They are sitting in my closet, waiting for a purpose.

Silly question, but what is your pouch laying on? Is it fur-like fabric?

bunbun said...

It is a throw pillow that is on my bed made of faux fur, I have 3 of them, they are my favorite pillows! They are also the dogs favorite, too, so we fight over them a lot!
I got them at target around 5-6 years ago!

Amanda said...

That pouch is cute, I like it! Lucy's birthday is March 20, I'll be sending you guys an invitation to her bday party.

Little Paris said...

I cooked similar dish the other night!!