Friday, February 8, 2008

Eggs 'a la Bunny

Anytime bunny makes his famous egg roll is a special occasion for me. It is like any hard work I did during the week is instantly paid off. We both brought food to the table today, him with his egg, me with my muffins below. I posted a long time ago about his eggs, but here it is in better photos and a little different. He first learned how to make this egg roll from a Youtube video of a Japanese woman teaching how to make rolled tamago (egg). There is a technique and he uses cooking chopsticks. He filled the middle with spinach, gorgonzola cheese, and bacon. the gorgonzola melts perfectly, leaving a creamy spread consistency. I love these eggs because they are light, fluffy, and moist, but not runny. The egg almost seems like a crepe. We slice them sushi roll style. I eat the pieces very slowly savoring each bite. I know that sounds silly, but I cannot tell you enough how happy these little rolls make me. It was a happy morning in the kitchen. The weather has been awful, so projects in the kitchen have seemed like a good idea instead of going anywhere. Today has been so relaxing, just lounging around, doing a little housework, but not much else!

**UPDATE** I just watched the youtube video again and they have added some crazy techno music to the video, sorry about all the racket!!!!!


average rai said...

Okay - give bunny a high five for me. That looks so delicious! Significant Other is finally warming up to spinach (baby steps...) and I will have to try making this for him. Thank you!

Little Paris said...

Woo! This is impressive!! It looks gorgeous!!!

bunbun said...

If you try this, try cooking his spinach in a little bacon fat, that might make him warm up to it more! Bunny likes anything cooked in bacon grease! (I don't, though!)