Sunday, February 17, 2008

Prosciutto Pizza

Last night was great, we both were feeling so much better. We had the dinner we were supposed to have on Valentine's day, Prosciutto Pizza. I originally was going to make my own cornbread crust, but since I have been sick I haven't felt too ambitious.
I had Bunny bring home a pre-made cornmeal and spelt crust. The pizza was good, it was very hearty, which meant it was very satisfying on our recovering bodies! I used garlic mushrooms, whole milk mozzarela cheese, spinach, and prosciutto slices from trader joe's. I also tried these frozen basil cubes, which I really liked. You just pop them out and they crumble up into the seasoning you need. Basil is expensive, so I am happy to buy these for only 1.00 a package. There are 20 cubes and I used about 4 cubes for this pizza. You can also buy garlic and cilantro cubes. I am pretty sure these are pretty popular because they always seem to be sold out! Someday i would like to grow my own herbs, but I have been saying that forever, so who knows when that will happen!
We were in bed by 8:30 last night. We maybe feeling better, but we are really trying to take care of ourselves because we still feel a little weak. Gotta make sure that we feel good for Seattle!
Here are some photos of us goofing around last night


Amanda said...

I like your photos! Where do you get those basil cubes? I love basil and hate paying so much for it. It's kind of a wimpy little plant to grow too, I tried it last year and I think here you either need a greenhouse for it or you can maybe grow it for 2-3 months. That's a good idea for a pizza, I might have to steal it. ;)

Amanda said...

That's nice that Betty will watch Luce when you guys are here - do you still eat sushi since you got sick? We've never had sushi. Well, California rolls and maybe Dustin's had a little bit but that doesn't really count. There are a couple good places in Bend. Are you going up to Broken Top for the day? I haven't been there in a loooong time, the road's really poorly maintained and we can't get up there in our car.

bunbun said...

I got those basil cubes at trader joe's! I made pasta tonight for dinner and these really added a good amount of flavor! That is good to know about basil. Is cilantro easy to grow? I really love cilantro!
i am not sure about broken top, betty had mentioned it in her email earlier. I have never been there before.

average rai said...

I'm glad to see you're feeling better! That pizza looks absolutely amazing. I will have to look out for those basil cubes, but I doubt I will find them here. North Dakota isn't exactly known as a huge culinary state! Ha ha ha.

Amanda said...

You'd have an easier time growing basil in Portland I think. Cilantro is pretty easy to grow. has a lot of good tips for gardening, I think more for your area than mine. I can't wait to do some little patio pots this spring with herbs and veggies!