Monday, February 18, 2008

Sweets from my Sweetie!

Bunny brought these home for me last night, the store was clearing out of their v-day stuff. So it looks like I am set on truffles and chocolate squares! That is fine by me! This was my dessert last night, yogurt with raspberries and caramel chocolate! yum!

Today is like summer! I have been hanging outside in a tshirt! I was doing homework until this hooligan showed up at my door!He didn't stay long and it was nice to catch up for a minute. Well, its back to homework for me, I have a lot of catching up to do since I missed a lot being sick last week.


Little Paris said...

I like your 2nd pictures! So sweet!!

average rai said...

Those chocolates look great! I bought Significant Other a box of chocolates for the big V-day, but ended up eating half of them myself. Oops.

I'm jealous of your weather, for sure. It was seven degrees below zero here this morning. What is the average temp in Portland this time of year?

Amanda said...

Yay for chocolates! I love good chocolate too.

bunbun said...

This time of year there really is no average temp! It can snow, rain or be really warm. Today was probably around 55, yesterday i think it got up to 70. But 40-50 range is normal, i think.
I am limiting myself to one chocolate a day right now, because I plan on having some pretty decadent desserts in seattle! like crepes and creme brulee! and a lot of champange!

average rai said...

How exciting. That sounds like a lot of fun!

bunbun said...

yeah...I broke down and had 3 truffles last night. Oops!
I am so freakin excited about the trip! Its all I can think about! Even though it is just a weekend trip, we have it all planned and it is going to be so romantic!