Friday, February 1, 2008

fabric world

After I got home from work Bunny and I took a walk down to Fabric World. It is about 2 miles from our house and I have been wanting to check it out for awhile. It looks run down from the outside, and inside is a blast from the past. A quarter of it is a thrift store and the rest is fabric and sewing supplies that seem to be mostly from the 70's and 80's there are newer things as well. I don't know where the stock came from, but it is pretty cool.
I bought some 70's ribbon and some assorted buttons that I am going to use for a project. (In photo)
I also got some basic sewing stuff, like batting, etc.
I picked up some cookie cutters. I have a few cooking plans with these!
When we came home, Bunny watched some anime and I made this little picture. I think Japanese advertisements are so cool and this one is from an ad for bath salts to de-stress. I used scrap felt and ric-rack. I have a ton of these frames from ikea just sitting around, they sell 4 packs for a dollar. I think I am going to make more like this. I like little crafts that take only a few minutes and don't require me to think too much!


Amanda said...

Very very cute, I like your picture! Fabric World sounds very cool, just the type of place I love. I've been meaning to send you some sewing stuff/trim that I have extra of, I'll try to remember this week. I just got a huge score on ric-rac at the thrift store too, I'll send you some. I got a gigantic bag for $2-3 and it's way more than I can use. :-)

bunbun said...

Oooh! Ric-rac!!!! I love it! Arigato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have a weird obsession with gingham and ricrac!
Sometime we should go to that place and a few others when you are here. Is there anywhere in Portland that you have really wanted to check out?

Little Paris said...

Great to meet you here! Let's share about our Zakka life! ^_^

Amanda said...

Oh yeah, there are all kinds of places in Portland I've wanted to go. Bolt is one, Fabric World sounds fun, Scrap (have you ever been there?), Pistils nursery and some fancy fabric store that's on 11th downtown or somewhere around there. My mom always talks about it. I just miss exploring the city for new weird little places. There's a big antique mall I want to check out too but I totally forgot where it was. :-) I'm obsessed with gingham and ricrac too! And buttons and ribbon. Basically trim and embellishments in general, especially if they're old.