Wednesday, February 20, 2008

pinwheel cookies

So, these little pinwheel sugar cookies were my baking project today. My brother-in-law Andrew and I joked that they look like raw bacon or steak! I got the recipe from the december issue of Cook's Country. The recipe was for peppermint sugar cookies, it won the award for best christmas cookie of the year. But it really isn't peppermint time anymore, is it? Sugar cookies are my favorite cookie, and I wanted to dress them up a little today without too much fuss. So I did this recipe without the peppermint. I don't think I added enough sugar to the dough, so I used a little raw sugar on top, which made them taste right. Andrew and I enjoyed some cookies and of course cappuccinos before he left for his girlfriend's house. Now I am just waiting for bunny to come home, he is working later shifts his week since he is taking a long weekend.
A little project I am doing right now is lining my cupboards with old greeting cards as artwork. I feel the cards go nicely with my old dishes and give us something pretty to look at in odd spots. I started today with the cards Amanda gave me recently and I am going to dig out cards we got for our wedding tomorrow to finish. I love greeting cards and like to think of things to do with them instead of filing them away. Zakka Life has tons of great ideas to do with old cards. I really want to make the greeting card lanterns she made.Tomorrow is exciting! I am going to go shopping for a "night out on the town" outfit for our trip!

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average rai said...

What a cute idea! I love those cards.

You will definitely have to post pictures of your new outfit. Where are you shopping?