Thursday, February 7, 2008

strawberry matcha shortbread cookies

I love valentines day, because last year that is when we got engaged. Next week, however, is going to be a very busy week for us, so i am trying to do little valentines things along the way. Yesterday I baked matcha cookies, sandwiched together with strawberry jam. I love the taste of baked matcha treats with berries. I often bake trader joe's matcha cake mix and serve it with strawberries. These cookies were very pleasant to make and the dough looks so pretty, like green tea ice cream. I got the recipes for this on, but they don't add the matcha and use white chocolate instead. I used about 2 tablespoons matcha, but I would have liked to use 2 more tablespoons, but I ran out.
The left over mini cut out hearts I baked as plain cookies. I really enjoyed having some with my cappuccino! I wasnt able to take a photo of my matcha powder since I ran out, but this photo here is what I am going to buy next. It is from Remedy Teas in Seattle. I am so excited to go! It looks like such a cool cafe and they even serve tea cocktails. I am getting more and more excited about our little trip every day!
Oh yes, those little deer were the wedding cake toppers at our wedding. We were having trouble finding toppers we liked and on the drive to where the wedding was to take place, we got stuck in traffic (due to a forest fire!) and stopped at an antique mall. We found those and we were both very pleased! When we first started dating our friends would say that we reminded them of the Bambi and his girlfriend, so cute deer have been a little theme in our relationship!


Amanda said...

Wow, those cookies are so pretty! They look really good too. :-)

kawaii crafter said...

Love the bambi mug! Thanks for sharing. The heart cookies look beautiful.