Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hello My Name Is....

Here are a few little things I did this weekend
I read about using these name labels in Better Homes and gardens. In the past I have used whole wheat pastry flour instead of cornmeal on accident because I didn't have labels. The magazine used hand writing, but I don't like my left handed scrawl, so I used School House font on my computer. I didn't put labels on every jar, I left my decorated vintage ones alone!

This is our favorite Sake, the bottles are so beautiful, so I never toss them. I turned this one into a dishsoap bottle. The lid from the original plastic bottle fit perfectly over the top. It looks very cute on my sink instead of a huge plastic bottle!

One of Bunny's co workers was telling him how good fresh almond milk was, and how it was easy to make. I love milks of all types: dairy, soy, oat, hemp, almond, pretty much every type except rice milk. So I decided to try to make some. I bought a bag of almond meal at trader joes and all you have to do is boil two cups water for every cup almond meal and let it steep for 5 minutes once mixed together. Then you can put in a blender if you want it less grainy. Or you can strain it. This bottle here is for my friend Noel, I left it pretty grainy, leaving it up to her how she wants it.
My friend has a soymilk maker I would love to spend the day at her house making batches of soymilk!
Honey is like gold to me, and I got a new bottle. Call me crazy, but packaging means everything to me, and so I didn't really like the label on his belly, so I changed it. A little obsessive, I know.

Here is a little dose of Simon and Nigel. Doesn't Simon look so proud! Like a soilder!


Amanda said...

So cute!! I love your bottles and jars! How do I write this: I love your hello my name is stickers! Your "hello my name is.." stickers! Anyways I love them! Your dogs are cute, I don't think I've ever seen Simon close up before. What's his personality like?

average rai said...

How creative! Love the idea. I've been known to add Worchestershire instead of tamari - and they are even labeled! Ha ha. Better get reading, I have a lot of catching up to do....

Amanda said...

That's too bad that you're sick, Andrew got sick in Portland too and had to miss work. I haven't heard yet if he's still there or not. I'm glad you like your package! I sent two because I couldn't fit everything in one envelope and was too lazy to go to the store for a big one. Maybe the other one will come tomorrow. Hope you feel better soon!

bunbun said...

It was funny when I used the pastry flour because I was making cornbread and was eating it afterwards, I thought, this doesn't really taste very cornbread-like!
Simon is a good dog. He is very loyal and very protective. Nigel and him get along well, but we have to be careful when he is around other dogs. I have a hard time controlling him because he is so big. But Casey does good with him.
He needs to lose weight and Nigel needs to gain weight. We always joke that both of our dogs have eating disorders!
Amanda, I think when you were at my house I put Simon in the backyard because I didn't want him to scare Lucy. But both Simon and Nigel are really good with babies.
I was really happy with that photo of Simon, he is really hard to get a close up! He doesnt trust the camera after getting flash in the eyes too much. But he was sitting in a sunbeam (he loves sunbeams!) and so he was really relaxed when Casey took that photo.

Little Paris said...

What a funny thing! I spot that you put some Chinese scrolls on the wall! Where do you get those from? I hope you are feeling better now!

bunbun said...

Those are Chinese New Years scrolls. I think it is about that time of year?
I got those a couple of years ago at an asian grocery store called Fubonn.
Thank you, and I am feeling better