Sunday, February 3, 2008

rice cooker porridge

My sister-in-law, Amanda, got me this rice cooker cookbook for Christmas. I love my microchip rice cooker and will bore anyone to tears who will listen to me go off about it. It even plays twinkle little star when the rice is done cooking. There are many things to do with this cooker, but i was always scared to try anything besides rice in fear of hurting the cooker. I was so stoked when I got this book! Today I made porridge with hemp and flax seeds, raspberries, cinnamon and brown sugar. You just pour everything in and set to quick cook and about 10 minutes later you have yummy hot cereal.
The next recipe I would like to try out of this book is chocolate risotto. Yummmmm.


Nini said...

Hey, I've always wanted one of these! :) thanks for dropping by and happy cooking!

average rai said...

What a busy weekend! Everything looked delicious. I hope bunny is feeling better by now.

Amanda said...

Yay! :-) That porridge looks and sounds really good!!!

kawaii crafter said...

Thanks for sharing about the cook book. I'll have to look into it. All I make is rice in mine as well. And those rice/vegetable packets.