Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Last Day in Seattle/Unicorn crepes

What a great time we have been having! I woke up with a mild hangover our last morning in Seattle, but it was nothing. A little orange juice, coffee, and sunshine quickly took it away. We went downstairs from our hotel for breakfast to a place called Cyclops. It had Seattle awards all over the front for "best breakfast in Seattle." Well, they must have paid Seattle money to get those awards because it was nasty and expensive. If I would have ordered this breakfast at a dive diner or bar I wouldn't have cared as much, but this was gross. So I tried not to eat too much and save my appetite for were we were heading.
We walked to the International District/Chinatown after breakfast. Another heavenly morning. The sun was beaming and there was a lot of people out and about.
The walk to the International District is quite hilly, sort of like the streets of San Fransisco. By time we reached the gates of Chinaown I was hungry again! There was a lot of cute Asian produce and herb markets that I found to be more interesting than Pike Place Market, but they are both cool in their own way.
Here is a shot of a Produce Market, I loved the cute old men shopping there.

Chinatown was very busy on this day and there was a Chinese gentleman crusing the streets in his souped up black and gold Trans-Am blasting Chinese love ballads/Pop Music from his car. A lot of people found this to be really amusing, including us. He seemed to follow us all over, so it was like he provided a soundtrack to our morning! I really wish I would have thought to get a photo of him in his car! The car was really awesome!
Anyways... Seattle has Uwajimaya's, my favorite Japanese grocery in Portland, but the one in Seattle is HUGE! I had read a review in the Seattle Asian Weekly of a placed called Unicorn Crepes in Chinatown and I REALLY wanted to go. We found it, and boy was it worth the trek! So cute, bright and cheerful. They are brothers and sisters in their early 20's running the little cafe and they make the BEST crepes ever. The were all so cute, they looked like they belonged in a Japanese sitcom/drama. We had bluebery and strawberry yogurt whip crepes and the were AMAZING!!!!

We had them with a Matcha Latte and it was Perfect! We walked around Chinatown a little bit longer and decided that we had to have more crepes, so we went back. Bunny had a Teriyaki Crepe with chicken and hard boiled egg. The place was so cute, I wish I would have taken more pics. They blasted Jpop and Japanese Reggae (I LOVE Japanese music, almost as much as I love the Rolling Stones) It was such a cheery way to spend the afternoon. There were cute kids in Karate uniforms enjoying crepes, the whole atomosphere was delightful.
So we ventured back to our hotel to check out and head to the train station. We were sad to go home, but also we felt so good about our little trip. It was what the doctor ordered for us, we could have used the money we spent on this trip to get our van fixed, but we really needed this! I feel totally refreshed and so does Bunny.
Our walk back to the train station I felt bad because Bunny had to carry my huge adidas bag full of Daiso goodies. I brought this bag empty just for my Daiso stuff, and I couldn't fit everything in it!!!!! Here he is, not too happy!!!!
I took some pictures on our way to the station, saying goodbye to Seattle.

Our train broke down on the way home, I mentioned earlier, and it was sort of awful. We had terrible seats, facing another couple and I had bought bentos at Uwajimaya for our ride home and they seemed repulsed by our food, they also had stayed at the Ace and hated it, so they were like the opposite of us! Here is Bunny in the dining car, ready to get home!

Andrew was sweet enough to pick us up from the station and when we got back I showed him all my Daiso stuff, then passed out in a deep sleep!


Amanda said...

I have absolutely loved your posts about Seattle! They're very well done and I like all your pictures, it makes me feel like I'm getting out of town just reading everything. :-)
The hotel you guys stayed at sounds so fun! And the food you guys ate sounds sooo good, especially a couple of the drinks and the crepes! Thanks for describing the bentos for me, I think I get them now. And thanks for your nice comments about my flower arrangements - I do love my job but found out recently that the business is up for sale which is very sad. My boss is getting older and wants to retire in the next few years I think. I don't know yet what's going to happen but I'm just trying to enjoy it while I can!

Little Paris said...

thanks for posting the China Town in Seattle... I have ever been to US. ^_^ I am packing our surprise swap now!!