Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Seattle Day 2

The next day was great, we went to Zeigeist Coffee House for breakfast and had espresso shots and these cute and yummy breakfast sandwiches. Anything, to me, tastes better when it's served on a doily!!!!! I know that is a little crazy, but for I am a sucker for paper doilies.
We were amazed on how beautiful the weather was. We took a bus to the Capitol Hill district, the bus system is really nice in Seattle and everytime we used it the drivers were really nice.
We had gone to Capitol Hill to look around and also go to Remedy Teas. A few weeks ago I had posted my Matcha Shortbread cookies and talked about how excited I was to go here. It is a really cute tea bar, and they have almost 200 different types of tea, plus homemade goodies, organic cocktails and beer,etc. We ordered a Matcha Latte (So good, I cannot wait to make one today, I have had green tea lattes at Starbucks, and I thought it was kinda foul.) and a Matcha Smoothie. That was excellent as well. I bought a tin of matcha to take home and it smells so good. This matcha is like gold to me. having drinks at Remedy Teas was one of the highlights of our trip. The people were so nice and the atmosphere was so relaxing and we don't have anything like this in Portland.

We walked around Capitol Hill afterwards and then took the bus to Daiso for our second trip. I didn't spend nearly as much time in Daiso this time around(trying not to torture Bunny) but I did feel a little weepy when we left, knowing that it will be a long time before I can come back (we are thinking of going to B.C. soon, and there is a Daiso there!!!)

But we had a lot to look forward to.
We went back to the hotel and hung out for awhile, then got ready ready for dinner #2

We had asked the front desk where a good place to get Sushi was and he was filled with ideas. He gave names of different trendy places, but his highest suggestion was for Shiro's, which he said was the most authentic Japanese sushi place in Seattle, and that Shiro himself is quite the celebrity.
So, we chose Shiro's, and it was only about 3 blocks from our hotel.
I didn't et any pics at Shiro's, because it was a small, quiet, and quaint place. I felt that it would be rude to take photos there. But, we had such a good time. The host spoke to us in Japanese, and the sushi here beat out the sushi from the night before!!!!!!
They had fatty tuna, and it was better and each piece was only 3.50!!!! So we ordered a vast amount of fatty tuna(Otoro in Japanese), not worrying about money!!!!! If I would have ordered that much the night before, I would have spent 150 dollars just on Otoro!!!! .
We had so much sushi, my pants were really tight by time we left. We also split a bottle of Nigori Sake before our food arrived and then with dinner we split a 22 ounce of Japanese beer, Kirin Ichiban. I normally don't like light draft beer, but I like light beer with sushi, because it is crisp and light and just goes well with sushi.
it was a nice, intimate dinner. Everyone there was so pleasant and it was a simple place. It was nice to get away from the trendy stuff for a minute. (I do like the sleek places we had been going to though, but it was nice to take a break) They were so polite there that the host even put Bunny's coat on for him. Now, we don't at all expect to be treated like that, but it felt really good!
We went back to the hotel, but we weren't ready for bed yet. We didn't feel like going to a nightclub or bar, so we decided to go get dessert somewhere. The front desk man at the hotel suggested Marjorie's, and it was right by us. He told us to have the bread pudding.

It was a candlelit, cozy place, but they were playing hip-hop, which we really liked!!!! We ordered cocktails, I had the L'amour Parfait, which was Lavender infused vodka with orange essence. I loved it. Bunny had a drink called the Trenchtown.
We had our drinks, then had bread pudding! Sooooooo tasty! It was unlike any bread pudding I have ever had. Sort of tasted like flan, but not really. Very hard to describe. I love bread pudding, and my mother rocks the bread pudding, but this was on it's own level! It had this lovely caramel sauce pooled at the bottom. The caramel was not too rich and I would like to try and and replicate it someday. By this time we were both pretty drunk! Drunk, but more just feeling really good and happy. We walked home people watching and repeated the night before by sitting by the window watching everyone. We were a little cooler this night and stayed up until around 1:30! We ended the night watching the AKC dog show on cable! I really don't like sports that much, dog shows are like the superbowl for me!!!! We don't have cable, so it as been many years since I have been able to watch one. I had


Amanda said...

That lavender infused vodka sounds so interesting and yummy!

Dr.Gray said...

The tea place looks neat. I love matcha lattes. But you said you cant get that stuff in Poland. You should look on line there are a lot of tea importers now that ship world wide. And I agree that starbucks is a big yuk.