Monday, March 31, 2008

Family Food

Food is alway better when it is shared with family. I love the quiet dinners spent alone with Casey every night, but it was so great to enjoy meals family style. There was so many great meals, I wasn't able to get shots of everything, but here are some highlights!
Our first night in Redmond, Dustin, Amanda, Monica, and Casey (and me) all went out for sushi at a place called Yoko's we sat at the sushi bar and had a great time. We drank (except for Monica, she is only a freshman in high school!) Pear Momokawa Sake (maybe a little too much for me!) and ate a TON of sushi. So much that the tab was a little ridiculous. But we don't go out for dinners like that very often, so what what the hell, right!?? You can't put a price on fun times! anyways, we had 33 plates of sushi!!!
Here was some seared albacore tuna... so yummy!

The next night Betty made this soup called Love Letter Soup. I made the parmasean chip/scoop that is on top. I was so scared I was going to mess it up. I want to make this more often and I really, really enjoyed spending time with Betty in the kitchen. This will be a recipe that I will treasure since it has good family memories!

Betty made these delicious and beautiful lemon bars made from lemons grown on Casey's grandma Marie grew whle she was in Arizona. They were so good that I was a little greedy and may have ate too many!

The last night there Betty and Glen made BBQ skewers, some with chicken and some with steak, from this cool butcher shop in redmond. We need more cute local places like this in Portland!!!

Oh, and the first morning in town Betty made these adorable Mickey Mouse waffles. Just like Hello Kitty is my little icon, Mickey Mouse is Betty's trademark. I loved the arrangement!

The last morning we were there Bunny made his famous tamago roll for 7 people. I was so proud of him. I thought he looked cute here in the kitchen.


Oiyi said...

Oh yum, everything looks deliciouos!

Amanda said...

You guys did a great job cooking! I'm sure you were a little nervous with that many people there. I always think I have something down because it's just the 3 of us, then I try to make it for a bunch of people and it makes me super nervous. I don't know why. Those dinners and breakfast were so good! I feel spoiled. I don't normally have that much home cooked goodness when Dustin is at work. :)

M.KATE said...

i love it when you do food posts, it makes me hungry immediately :)

Do said...

The lemon bars look delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipes of everything :)

Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh wow...this all looks soooooo very good!

Marina Capano said...

mmmmmm!!!!very tasty!!!! Nice to meet you! from Argentina. I hope you visit my blog!
see you!