Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Finals Week and writer's block

So, I have been at my desk ready to hammer out my last paper. it is an essay about the pros and cons of online courses. I cannot write the essay because it has to be written in class during the final, but I can prepare for it. For some reason that is giving me a major case of writer's block. Instead of staring at the computer, I am doing a post instead!
I have been walking a lot, going with bunny to his work early so we can get coffee at Extracto and go to the neighborhood park.
I really would like to learn how to do steamed milk hearts like this!
Here is the park, I think the huge trees look pretty with the sakura.

And here are more flowers/nature I have taken recently:

I had no idea that rhubarb started growing here this early! I love it, and grew up with it growing in our family garden. I would like to do some baking with it later this year. I did plant some quinalt strawberries last week! Hopefully those turn out well.

On my way home from his work I stopped by the thrift store and scored these pyrex dishes, which I collect. Goodwill has been asking obscene prices for stuff like this lately, but I got these together for under four dollars, I can do that. I love pyrex, but i am not willing to pay ebay prices for them.

Bunny has been putting together succulent and cactus terrariums, they are so pretty, here is one:

I made some more of Average Rai's flaxseed pretzels, I cannot get enough of them. We had them for dinner with turkey meatballs and fontina cheese. Yum!!!!


M.KATE said...

hi holly, i think you're a wonderful photographer as i like all the simple but fantastic details, love the love-milk too and yes how's it being done? i see you're a great baker too, me-really lousy in baking so i've hang up my mittens and baking tray for now. the cactus is my fav, have a wonderful weekend, cheers and lots of hugs :)

Ku said...

Holly-sama, yoroshiku! Thanks for commenting on my blog; I was really glad to find yours!

You take amazing photographs! Do you study photography? What make and model of camera do you use? I love the picture of the bird on the wire here. It's very pro. ^_^v

And your baking is cute. ;_; Hoshii~

Amanda said...

I like your pyrex bowls! And the picture of the espresso too. I grew quinalt strawberries a couple years ago, they did well here so I imagine they'll do wonderful over there! They're tasty, tiny little strawberries. :)

Do said...

Your photographs are wonderfull! I think with the milk you kind of stir trough the middle with a spoon?

bunbun said...

Thanks everyone! (blushing)
I have been watching youtube videos on how to do the latte art. It looks very simple, but after trying it at home, I think it will take some practice.
The baristas in Portland do it so quickly! Some even make skulls and crossbones and really unusual art!
Espresso is something ,I think, just takes time to learn. It took me a long time to learn how to make cappuccinos the way I like them. So this heart thing will probably take awhile, too! I hope I can do it sometime soon!

Marina Capano said...

HI! your blog is fantastic! all so cute! very nice photos! I love pictures of flowers! nice to meet you!
Talk with you soon

Enjoy your day! xo xo

Ku said...

Holly-sama no Nihongo ha totemo jouzu da to omimasu! You've only taken one class? Really? You have a wider vocabulary than most first-year students.

Kya~, I want to go to Portland now. ;_; I currently live in Missouri, where it's cold and rainy, but nothing is green at all. Even in the summer, things tend to be brown for more of the time than they are green. >,<*

Sewing isn't hard at all! To make softies, all you really need to know is running stitch, which is the easy one that goes in and out through the cloth in a line, like this: _ _ _ _ _
I wish you luck in the creation of felt onigiri! In my opinion, anyone who can make real bentou can easily make felt onigiri. XD

I have studied and worked in Japan for a total of two years. Japanese was one of my two majors in college, and my first job out of school was to work as an English teacher in Japan with the JET program. I had a great time there... especially teaching holidays to the little Japanese kindergarten kids. >w<

If you and your husband are both interested in going to Japan, maybe you could go there to teach for a year?

In the meantime, if you'd ever like to practice your Japanese or learn any more, let's chat Nihongo de! You seem like a very friendly and energetic person, and it would be my honor to practice with you. m(^-^)m

kawaii crafter said...

Great photos! Every time I visit
you've already posted a ton of pictures. I can't keep up.

And by the way, those flaxseed pretzels look delicious.

Oiyi said...

The steamed milk art is really amazing. I am always in awe when I see it.

The pretzels look yummy.

Mrs.French said...

Oh sweet, sweet spring...they should really come up with a song. Beautiful pics!

Anonymous said...

WoW...some very beautifully captured shots...simply love them...

I am a bit too busy with my work now, which will continue, so couldn't visit your blog for sometime...anyway, I will check your other posts later whenever I will get the break.

bunbun said...

Ku- I would love to practice nihongo w/ you.
I don't think a japan trip is in the cards for me for awhile. I am hoping we can go when I get my bachelor's degree, probably a million years from now!!!!

Thank you kawaii crafter, oiyi, mrs. french, and flying stars!

I have been trying to take most of my photos lately outdoors, that seems to help the lighting. When I take photos of things like the pretzels in my kitchen, they always come out very yellow.

My husband and I have been practicing the latte art all weekend. No luck. I did almost make a bird, but that wasn't on purpose, and you had to look at it the right way to see it as a bird!