Monday, March 10, 2008

Royal Mail

This weekend I was greeted with a package via Royal mail from my blogging friend Little Paris in the U.K. We did a swap together and I was overjoyed with what she sent me. It was very thoughtful and I really loved everything. I hope my package to her arrives soon and that she enjoys what I sent as well. I have never done a swap before and I was nervous to make sure everything was nice enough.
But my package was just perfect and here is a sampling of what I got, there was more, but I plan on including it in future posts!
Here is the cute bag everything came in!

And this kawaii Hello Kitty stamp! I love it!

This was, I think, my favorite item! Face powder from Japan! I love anime eyes, and this girl's anime eyes take the cake! It is very nice powder, too.

Thank you Little Paris, your kindness made my day!


Amanda said...

Nice! That stuff is really cute. I can't wait until some of my swaps come. I love surprises.

Little Paris said...

Are those chocolate eggs still in good shape? ^_^

bunbun said...

oh yesssss! I have had one, and it was heavenly. I am planning on having a tray of them with some champangne soon to celebrate my end of school season. Not by myself, of course, but a with a couple of girls from my class.
have you recieved my package yet????? I worry because it is taking so long.