Saturday, March 8, 2008

bento picnic in the park

Yesterday we had a great day, my mom told me to not come to the office, so I had another full day with Bunny. The bad news is that when she arrived at her office, it had been broken into! Someone took the computer I use and a dvd player she uses for training employees. How sad. It's weird, she had a brand new flat screen t.v. there and it stayed. Must have been too big too carry or something. Well, it is a good thing she has insurance, but it's still hard, she just started the office up not that long ago.
We decided to go for a picnic, the weather was overcast, but it was still enjoyable to be outdoors.
Columbia Park is about 5 blocks away from my house. I love this park because of all the trees. It reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood. This park has a community pool that I go swimming at sometimes, they also offer art classes in an old cottage on site.

Our bentos had broiled salmon with dill, brown rice, and curried peas. And I love my little soy bottles from Daiso!
We also had cubed Gyurue cheese, left over from the beer bread, I love this cheese so much, it makes me drool a little when I eat it!
For dessert we had these cute little "Le Petit Ecolier" (means "the little schoolboy" in french) that bunny brought home from his work the other day. They were lovely.
The bentos were the perfect picnic food, easy to transport and clean up. It was such a pleasant afternoon, I can't wait to come up with more creative bentos in the future. I want to make them cuter and more creative. I am also excited for when the weather is nicer and our picnics won't just be in the park, but also in the Mountain Hood forest!!!! But I am totally content with the beautiful park for now! Bunny is back at work today, so that means its back to the books, to study for finals. Wish me luck!


Oiyi said...

That Bento lunch sounds like a perfect lunch for me. I love salmon. But my hubby doesn't like salmon!

dchao said...

Oh man, where did you get those soy sauce bottles?!
They are so cute, and handy!!!

Little Paris said...

How sweet your bento was. But I am a chinese at the end, I want HOT food most of the time! So I made my bento at work but make sure the bento is microwavable.

Kelley said...

Your blog is very kawaii!!! Love it!

Amanda said...

Awww, fun!! It looks like you guys had a nice day. The food in the boxes sounds really good! I'm sorry about your Mom's business, my work has been broken into a couple times and it's just sad. I hate it when people do things like that to small businesses. Not that that's okay any time, but it affects smaller businesses so much more.

M.KATE said...

hi bubun, love this posting, bento's fav for lunch and dinner. tks for dropping by that day, just came back from my trip in Malacca but not enough time to blog (so many pictures), BUT i've got an envelope with a some postcards about Malacca in my giveaway and I'm posting the whole pack to you, some like to give online awards, we - like it the snail-mail way, so let me have an add so I can post it, you can send an email to, having problem in loading my mail into blog at moment. Looking forward to hear from you and do remember to put your blog name in the mail so I know its from you. have a fantastic week ahead, hugs/Mkate

kawaii crafter said...

Those little soy bottles are too cute. Next time I go to Daiso I'm look for them.

bunbun said...

The soy bottles are awesome! I got two packs because I didn't want to be bummed if I lost a bottle.
I would suggest to fill them up all at once in advance because they are a tiny bit time consuming. But that might because I drank too much coffee first and my hands were shaky!

amanda, thank you for your comment about my mom. yes, it is sad when small companies get hurt, i feel sorry for the person that thought a dvd player and a laptop was worth risking their whole future for. my mom is a trooper and is more tough than me!
dchao- these are from daiso, the best store on the planet!!!!! most everything is 1.50. If you look at the Daiso flicker group it shows a lot of what is sold there. They are all over the west coast, 5 in Washington, but none in Oregon. Whats up with that??????
Maybe because my house would end up looking like a Daiso wherehouse!