Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Golden Spruce

I have been totally consumed with my final essay for the class I am in. It is an essay about the book we read in the class, the Golden Spruce by John Valliant. It is a very insightful book about the logging industry in the Pacific Northwest and nature in general. So good, but so hard for me to read because I love nature, I love living in the Pacific Northwest, and it is a brutal book, with horror stores about the effects of logging. For someone like me that loves the forest, but isn't exactly "green", it is hard to face the reality of the book. There are, however, many beautiful scenes in the book as well, but I am sensitive to sad subjects such as this one. So the book and the paper have been hard for me to write about, but I have enjoyed the learning process. I guess it is good for me to be forced to learn about subjects like this in school, since i would rather read Martha Stewart than about current events. I highly recommend anyone who lives in the Northwest reading it because you learn so much about our natural history.

The crock pot has come in handy this week since i have been too busy to worry about lunch/dinner. I made this chicken noodle soup and threw almost everything in my fridge in it! It was the best noodle soup I think I have ever made. After reading average Rai's post about making chicken noodle soup it made me want some. Tomorrow is my baking day and I want to make a bread to have with it. 6 quarts of soup is a lot for 2 people!
And during my "freak out" moments writing my paper yesterday, I would take breaks and turn my little erasers from Daiso into magnets for the fridge. These are just too cute to me to use as an eraser! I love miniature things so much, I don't know why. When I was little I was obsessed with decorating my doll house.

Some exciting news to me is that I saw the first cherry blossoms today! Yay! They were downtown and I can't wait until they are everywhere! Also, last night Bunny brought me home matcha cheerios! They are sooooo good!


average rai said...

Those eraser/magnets are the cutest things I've seen all week! What a great idea. I know I couldn't use them as erasers either.

So, what all did you put in your soup? It looks soooo good.

average rai said...

Also... Let me know how your bread turns out. I actually just posted a blog about how I need a bread recipe! Odd how we get on the same page...

Amanda said...

That book sounds really interesting! I'll have to read it. I love your little magnets! That's a good idea, I never know what to do with those little erasers and they're hard to display. I can't erase with them either, they're too cute and hard to find.

bunbun said...

Here is what was in the soup. I kept throwing stuff in. I had to stop myself a few times so I didnt get too weird!

4 chicken breast tenders
chicken stock
1/2 bag froz pea
1 bag frz corn
6 frozen cubes of cilantro
1 tb sea salt
1 tb dill
2 cups fresh spinach
1 cup shredded carrots
2 tb soy sauce
1 cup sliced yellow, red, and green bell peppers
1/3 cup chipoltle salsa
2 cups broccoli, frozen
about 2 cup whole wheat pasta spirals and shells
makes 6 quarts of soup! I like the frozen veggies because they stay crisp during all the time in the cooker

Oiyi said...

Those magnets are so cute! I can't believe they are erasers.