Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back from Redmond!

Spending time at Bunny's family's house was so much fun, I have so many photos and things to go through. There was so much that we did and I am just going to start with the lovely time we spent at their house, where we stayed. The house is so cozy and relaxing.
We enjoyed the wood stove and the swing in the sunroom that overlooked the pretty backyard.

And the spring decorations, this easter egg was made by his grandmother Toshi, in 1981. Bunny's Mom was kind enough to let us take it home with us!

And we had fun hanging out in the yard so much!!!!

And I plan on showing so much more, but I have to post this picture of Lucy, Amanda and Dustin's daughter.

She is seriously the sweetest little girl I have ever met in my life! I had so much fun spending time with her and everyone else.
I am going to post the food we ate and so much more when I get through sorting all my photos tomorrow. We are so happy after spending such a great weekend in Central Oregon.


M.KATE said...

hi holly, tks for dropping by and so glad you received the cards, i was worried that it might not arrive via snail-mail, love this post - especially the swing..i can stay here for a long time, and what is that thing/flower ? after the donkey post? looks like a durian fruit to me. happy that you had a wonderful time :) have a fantastic week ahead

Amanda said...

Those pictures are beautiful! I'm going to have to take lessons from you I think. I was thinking about that picture of you and Lucy, and you're Lucy's aunt, aren't you. It's kind of weird with all the step-this and that but we call Kadie Auntie Kadie, so I guess you are! :)

bunbun said...

Hi Mkate! That is a sunflower that is not in bloom. I thought it looked really cool even though it was dead. You can see them in the photo below that photo in the snow behind the tree. I am going to verify your address later this week and send you some cards. The cards you sent me I am going to use for a collage in my kitchen cupboards. I will post a pic when I am done.
Syanora for now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda, Yes, I would like to consider myself Lucy's aunt in a way, I do know what it is like to have the whole step thing. I have a gazillion step sibs, some I can't even remember their names!!!!!
And when I am talking about Andrew is it just easier to call him my brother in law even though technically he is my step bro in law... but that doesn;t sound right to me because there is something cold sounding when I say that and I consider myself pretty close to him.... I know casey calls him and micah his brothers.
Thanks for the sweet remarks about my pics. Lucy was an easier subject than other people because I get nervous taking photos of real adults, like I am bothering them. I hope I can get over that someday. Casey is also easy because he likes his picture taken!
I have been trying to take photos of random people in Portland to help get over my weird fear of taking photos of people. The more relaxed I am the better the pic turns out.

Ku said...

MWAAARRR. >w< I eet up all your photos and save them to my hard drive!

They are PRETTY. And I know a ton of folks who would like to use them for stock images I bet... Have you ever considered submitting your work to a site like "stock.xchng"?

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! XD

bunbun said...

Awww, Ku-chan! You flatter me too much!!!!

But arigato gozimasu!!!! It really makes me happy!

My husband wants me to do that link you sent me, and I think it is a good idea too. Maybe I will upload a few to see what happens? I get nervous because I am hyper critical of my stuff! But it looks like a great webpage to get advice and learn from others. You are always more thn welcome to download any photos and use them for whatever you would like. My husband and I are collecting photos through the seasons of Portland and through Iphoto you can order hardbound books of your photos. So we are going to make a little 4 seasons of our neighborhood book for our coffee table. I wont finish that until the end of the year.
We are saving to get an SLR camera. I am excited. A friend of mine suggested that I use flickr instead of my blog for my photos, but I feel like blogging is more of of a personal way to share photos.
Anyways, this was a long ramble. Again, thank you so much for your encouraging words!