Saturday, March 1, 2008


It has been a month, I think since I have made a trip to the thrift store down the street from my house. Now that I have been to Daiso, I can officially stop my thrift store diet! I am not trying to spend too much money, however, because I don't like how they have been pricing things. They sell used Ikea stuff for more than Ikea sells it at their store! Ugh...
I did manage to find this cool wallet for Bunny yesterday, and it is actually vintage, not a reproduction. It matches his shoes and his style a lot. The cashier had hid it, because he wanted it for himself! But I found it, you can't hide the retro stuff from me!!!!

Here are a few more Daiso scores. I am totally overwhelmed by my Daiso stuff. Today I am going to organize my bento cupboard and try to sort out everything I have gotten. I have tried to do this all week, but I end up just playing with everything like a child!
Here is the newest addition to my crazy amount of coffee mugs. I love it! The happy kitty face reminds me of how happy I get when I have a cappuccino!

And here are my generic Bodum style cups. I thought that these were a great deal for 1.50 and they are ultra light, have indents for good gripping, and handle hot liquid. I still really want a set of double walled bodum glasses glasses.

Here is a a couple cute little things, the first is a picnic mat, I got matching cups, too. I am waiting to use this for when we go Sakura viewing in the mountains this spring.

And here are some cute cutters, I especially love the bunny! I love Daiso's funny english that they put on their products.

I have been tagged by Dreamer's Loft for a meme. I LOVE her blog. Here is a sample photo of the beautiful treats she makes:

She takes amazing pictures. Her site is about the pastries she bakes, shots of Singapore, her beautiful diving expeditions, and just all around amazing photography. She has recipes for treats that I have wanted to make for a long time but have only seen in non-english publications. I was very flattered that she thought of me.
I have only been part of blogging since November and I still am learning everything about it, so I just only found out what tagging was. I am supposed to pick out 5 bloggers and tag them. I don't really know 5 bloggers who haven't already been tagged, but I can refer you to the blogs I read at the bottom of this page. I love reading blogs, it inspires me to bake better, take better photos, and learn about other cultures. I have gotten to know my sister in law better, I have only been able to meet her in person twice, but blogging has helped me get to know her. One thing have found that is amazing to me is how well a lot of people from other counties English is. Better than mine! I know a tiny amount of Japanese, but not much. Makes me want to improve my English skills.
The Meme rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself.
3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs
I hope I am not breaking rules by not personally tagging anyone! I honestly don't know 5 bloggers who haven't been tagged already.
5 things about me:
1. As much as I love Japanese culture, I have never been to Japan. We really want to go, but we want to do it right. I am hoping to go with Bunny after I get my first degree.
2. My dream for the future is to get my master's in Molecular Biology and work in a lab at Oregon Health and Science University. After that we want to adopt a baby. We would like to have a cottage in Mountain Hood and have a small farm.
3. I love rock and roll, especially classic rock. I have been collecting old records since I was 12, but don't buy much anymore.
4. I never watch TV, except for PBS. I never go to the movies, either. I watch a little anime and asian drama/sitcom, and nature documentary. So why do I have a raging online celebrity gossip addiction? Most of the time I have no idea who they are talking about, but I can't stop reading. It's out of control!
5. My screen name BunBun comes from my love of Chinese steamed pork buns (DIMSUM) It is a nickname that we have for each other. Also, because I like japanese artwork of Usagi (rabbit) a lot.


Amanda said...

Cute stuff! I love that wallet and the cappuccino mug with the face! I haven't gone to the thrift store much lately either, Lucy's been harder and harder to take places. Nobody I know likes going to the thrift store with me! Dustin just follows me around looking bored and Monnie won't touch anything, she thinks it's gross.

dchao said...

My friend owns this super cute hat business.
She and her mom hand sews all the hats.
You should check it out.


bunbun said...

that is a cute site, thank you for sharing it with me. I really like the tshirt with the evil panda on it!

Amanda, I hoping hoping that we will be able to do a little shopping together while we are in Bend next month. I remember going to this antique place once and it had cool stuff, but we were in a hurry to get back to portland.

M.KATE said...

Hi Bunbun, tks for visiting, love your blog and i love everything japanese too and wished i could visit tokyo one day as it is really so expensive there, will be hopping in often in the future, have a fabulous week :)

Amanda said...

That sounds fun, I would love to go shopping!