Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Sweets

This weekend the weather was gray, but still pretty!

Friday we made blueberry crepes together, they were really good. Our first time making crepes. I really want to get a crepe pan, because the cast iron skillet is big and bulky.

Easter was low-key, bunny had to work, so I hung around the house and made more cupcakes. I made vanilla cupcakes with strawberry whipped cream frosting.

I really like whip cream frosting because it is so airy and not too sweet or heavy. I got the recipe here and here. I did everything the same as the recipe except I used a little less sugar in the cupcakes and no sugar in the whip cream (the jam is sweet enough for me)

A few of the cupcakes I topped with Moonstruck chocolate truffles.

I really want to make more full sized cakes (9 inch), but cupcakes are so much easier to bake since I am limited to using a toaster oven (which I don't really mind using) and they seem to handle the uneven heat distrubution better.
Thanks for all the good luck on my finals from everyone, I passed my classes with A's all around this term! Besides all the support I get at home, I really think baking has helped me. For some reason baking while studying throughout the day kept me sane and focused. I really hope this method works for next term! I have had so much fun going to school and spending time at home.


Amanda said...

Mmmm! Those crepes and cupcakes look good! Thanks for the links to the frosting recipes, I'm picky about frosting. I like light frosting, not heavy thick stuff. That picture of the sky is so pretty and kind of creepy!

bunbun said...

Yeah ,it is totally creepy! I was sitting in a park by myself and was a little tripped out with the way the sky looked! It was very pretty, but intense (best way I can describe it) There were a lot of people taking photos of the sky in the park that day. I wish I could see what they took!

mushroommeadows said...

I want to make crepes! Those look delicious (everything on your page looks delicious!). I want to make veggie ones though. YUM!

Ohhhh My Melody is so cute! :D

Oiyi said...

The crepes look delicious and the My Melody figurine is adorable.

M.KATE said...

hi there, both the crepes and cupcakes looks heavenly!! i want a slice too :) did try baking cupcakes earlier but always not successful with the toppings as it's way too sweet for me, anyway, happy studying and sayonara for now :)

average rai said...

Lovely pictures! I want a print of your sky picture. Not sure where I would hang it.... but it's so pretty.

I'm glad school is going well for you. High five!

Ku said...

O,O Cupcakes HOSHIIIIII. Oishi sou!

Will you mebbe post your recipes some time, kudasaimasenka? Onegaaaai!

Molecular Biology desu ka? Are ha... chou muzukashii deshou, ne? o.o;; Sugei na, kimi.

I was pretty much quarantined to the arts'n'letters field, so molecular biology is, like... madness. Or Sparta. I forget which. Do you have to take the dreaded "orgo" class? I think it's short for organic chemistry... all I remember was if someone was taking an orgo test on Friday, you could expect them to be confined to the library (with outings for coffee) for a week beforehand. Kowai yo.

I'm only in my second year out of school, but I hope to go back when I can build up a good design portfolio. Being an eigo sensei WAS great fun, but it didn't have anything to do with my career major, so now I'm a year behind all my contemporaries. ;_;

You were a lasik optician? o.o Did you shoot the laser? (I hope you'll forgive me, I don't know anything about lasik except that there are lasers... I think.)

Emily said...

I just love that My Melody and the cupcakes around it.
Thanks for sharing that link.