Monday, March 31, 2008

Family and Friends in the High Desert

Wow, I am going to go a little post crazy in the next few days regarding my trip. There is just so much for me to ramble on and on about. Since this blog is a journal of memories for me and my husband Casey (I am from now on going to call my hubby by his real name, instead of bunny. this blog started out as more of a private journal so there was a level of anonymity, but now that a few people actually read it, I have begun to feel really silly calling him Bunny. But I might slip up now and then because I really do call him bunny in real life a lot.) I really want to document this trip, esp. for when Casey gets homesick.
While we were in Redmond the family went out for a Canyon walk. Amanda has written about it in the past on her blog and since then I have always wanted to do it. It was so cool and I finally got to see a Rockchuck.
I really liked this photo of the family and the sun beaming in on them. That is Casey's stepfather, Glen, Amanda, Casey. His mom is sort of in the pic.
Here are some pretty.... would you call them desert flowers or plants or weeds? I don't know, but they are really pretty!

Here is me and Monica, Casey's stepsister. This pic is a little blurry, but I thought it was real cute. Cute factor always outweighs blurry factor!

Here is Monica and Casey on the ride to Redmond playing Nintendo and having a little giggle. Sooooo cute!

Here is Casey with his Mom Betty and his sister Kadie. Betty was so kind and giving and spoiled us while we were there. We really want to try and come visit more often. We havent been able to see Kadie in ages and she is so very sweet and cute. She might move to the coast which is closer to us than where she lives now, that would be awesome to see her more.

Saturday night we went to visit Casey's best friend since high school, Mike. He just moved to Bend, Oregon a few months ago from Portland. He is the nicest guy you will ever meet. We stayed the night and drank beer and played Yahtzee all night with Mike and his girlfriend Allyson who I sadly did not get a photo of. We both missed Mike A LOT, so it was very nice to see him. Casey already misses him. We are hoping Allyson and Mike will come stay at our house for a few days soon.

The last night in Rdmond we soaked in Casey's parent's hottub. It was so wonderful, it was snowing, and a bunch of stars were out. It really felt like we were on a vacation. This photo seems a little x-rated to me, even though we are clothed and everything. It was so much fun i had to put it up, plus the steam covers us up a little!!! You can see the snow falling in backround. Portland weather is so different than Bend/Redmond weather, but it was so refreshing. The air was crisp and seemed cleaner. I felt revitalized.

We were sad to say goodbye to everyone, but we are going to make an effort to stay in better contact. Here are some shots of the mountain I took through the car window on the ride home.


Amanda said...

It's cute that you're calling Casey by his name now. :) I like both Bunny and Casey! I love the canyon, we'll have to do that again sometime!

M.KATE said...

Hi holly, tks for sharing your part of the world, without blogging, we will never know each other and how beautiful the other part of the world is :)

M.KATE said...

...and the bathtub sure looks steamy hehehe