Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Full Bloom

I posted this flower awhile ago. I am unsure of what it is, I should really find that out. But anyways I really loved this flower and today as I was walking home I saw it again in my neighbor's front yard. Quite a bit different!
I also updated some more cherry blossom/sakura photos here. The first five photos are new. I like this photo below because my real name is Holly and I like how the Holly berries are in the pic with the sakura in the background, since I pretty much worship cherry blossoms!


mushroommeadows said...


Your blog title made me think of something...do you like honey? Have you had the Starbuck's honey lattes or frappacinos? They're pretty good, what do you think? :D

Ku said...

Holly + Sakura photograph = perfect composition. Dualistic lighting, front focus with the rear still identifiable, and the metaphor of winter turning into spring. Why aren't you a professional photographer again...? o.o?

Ehehe, I like the look of those lemon squares in your previous post. I love anything lemon flavored, but lemon squares have been my favorite since fourth grade. What kinds of cookies and sweets do you like? I can't bake very well, but I'll try my hardest for a swap. (Maybe you'd like a little toy or handicraft instead...? ^^;)

"Lamp" desu ka? I haven't heard of them before, but I've been kinda out of the J-pop music scene for way too long. ;_; The only radio station that played music where I lived in Japan was all 70s and 80s stuff. And talk shows. -_-; Do you like fast J-pop, like Rip Slyme? I love them the best. XD

I'mma go look for Lamp downloads on the intarnett.

PS: I love all J-foods except natto and umeboshi. Senbei deshou...? Jyajyajya, I have a plan. >w<

Amanda said...

Um. Yeah. I totally agree with ku - You need to do something in photography, I'm so jealous of your pictures!

M.KATE said...

we dont have holly here and the only time we see them is during Xmas, all dried up on a plastic xmas tree :( but great post anyway, beautiful holly plant = same like the owner of this blog, sayunara for now :)