Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break!

Spring break is here and it is lovely! I am having a good time relaxing and soaking in the sakura.
I baked these Savory Soda Crackers the other day. The recipe is in the link. In addition to the recipe, I used buttermilk, cracked pepper, sea salt, basil, and chives. The were very flavorful and had a rustic quality to them. I am trying not to buy pre made snacks, therefore forcing myself to make my own treats. This has been working out well for me, plus it is cheaper.

Here are some more spring shots of my 'hood!
This somewhat hippy family down the street lives in a awesome huge old house with these geese that roam around! So cute! I love the sakura petals in the grass that they graze on. They aren't as loud as one would think, and the noise that they do make is pleasant. (at least to me)

Here are more tree blossoms. Not knowing what each type of blossom is, I call everything sakura. These I call Shiro sakura because Shiro is white in Japanese. I really like the white blossoms, because I love white flowers. The sakura in Portland is in full effect right now, leaving a wonderland feel everywhere!

I have no idea what type of tree blossom this is, but it is sort of wild, crawling everywhere. The color is so vibrant! This photo does not do it justice.

This is lavender, I think... There are over 200 types of lavender, so I am unsure. The bees are crazy for this plant.

This squirrel (you may have to enlarge the photo to see it) was so angry with me for taking photos of him, which me made me like him even more! At some points I feared that he was going to jump on my face!

Exciting news! Tomorrow morning we are heading to Central Oregon to visit Bunny's side of the family until Sunday! That means I will get to hang out with my sister in law Amanda, aka Violaceous!! I am very excited to see her and everyone else, some we haven't seen since our big day last September.

This was us leaving our wedding after saying goodbye to everyone, riding off into the sunset. We really did ride off into the sunset, because the sun was actually setting at that time!

Best day of my life!!!!!!! I know Bunny really misses his family and I miss them too, so this will be a fun trip!


average rai said...

Oh my goodness. Please give me some of those crackers! They look so good. I will have to make them for sure.

Have a blast on your little vacation!

Beautiful pictures as always.

average rai said...

Also - how long did you knead the dough?

bunbun said...

Thank you!
I kneaded the dough for about 5-6 minutes or so. It is a really stiff dough and I used less butter than the recipe. I think next time I am going to use olive oil.

I also should have mentioned that you can roll this out VERY thin and make a lot of crispy crackers. Next time I want to use a whole floured countertop to roll out better. My cutting board wasn't big enough and made some of the crackers thicker and more bread like.

Amanda said...

I'm excited to see you guys! I hope you have fun while you're here. I know Betty has been very excited to see you and Casey too. She has meals planned and everything. :) I like your pictures from your wedding and all the tree blossoms too! My 2 trees - my pear and my crabapple are just about ready to bloom. I keep looking at them. Come on already and bloom!

M.KATE said...

dear holly, really love this post - just like i love the rest, pictures are always perfect, food hungry already and this a very beautiful pic of you :) have a fantastic weeeknd and till we blog again

M.KATE said...

...and my fav flower the still dreaming to see them one day :)

Christina said...

O.O Snaaaacks. Lovely lovely crunchy snacks. I'd never considered making crackers before... my mind always turns to sugary things, like cookies or muffins. Thanks for the link to the recipe; I think I'll try cracker-making next time I get the kitchen to myself.

GEESE! I used to feed a goose kinda like that at school.... what kind of geese are they? I love how they have fluffy soft necks. ;_; Pretty geese.

I hope you have a good time visiting family! Tanoshimishite!

Tizzalicious said...

Hmm, those crackers look delicious!

Little Paris said...

An interesting blog to share with a bento hero !

daydreamer said...

Hi bunbun,
Really envious that you get to view sakura blooms.
The crackers look good, thanks for sharing.