Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shopping and Food Therapy

I have been a little frazzled with school and trying not to think about my dream job, which has been hard because it is pretty much always on my mind. It is a slow process, however, so I am trying to not focus on it. My sister in law, Amanda, her husband Dustin, and their adorable daughter Lucy were in town for a few days and they helped relax me, we all went to Uwajimya together, and on Tuesday Amanda and I went shopping in local boutiques, which was so much fun. Except I sort of took her on a wild goose chase in the rain, but she was a great sport about it. I can't believe I did not take a single photo!
Then we all went out to the Concordia Ale House for dinner and I had one and a half beers. I think they went straight to my head and this morning I had a pretty intense hangover! My head is still throbbing a little. Why? I think I need to drink more water.

Here are some things I picked up while we were out and about, which all was nice to comfort my hangover with this afternoon.
Orange Page is my favorite magazine in the universe! I have gone off about it before here, but lets go over it again, just for fun. It is a Japanese housewife (or just women's lifestyle) magazine that comes out weekly in Japan. The price surprises me, I pay 3.80 for it here at Kinkokunia bookstore, which is quite a bargain for an imported Japanese publication. I know that the recipes are in Japanese, but they are very inspiring to look at the beautiful photos, many of which are step by step. If you click on the Orange Page link and hit the book icon, it will load a player that lets you browse through pages of the last few magazines. My grandmother in law, Toshi has gone through some of them for me and given me the ingredient list in English, then I follow the photograph instruction. But mostly what I get out of it is general food styling ideas, fashion, craft, and decor inspiration.
While in Portland, Amanda and Dustin went to the Decorette Shop and she got me some awesome cake/food decor! I am so excited. But i am waiting to show most of it until I bake some things. But these little gnomes are going in my garden area, so I took some photos today! It was such a sweet gesture on Amanda's part.

When we went to Bolt (a fabric boutique in Portland) I got a little bit of kawaii Japanese fabric. Today I made a little pillow for my shih tzu, Nigel. He is always stealing my pillow, so I hope he starts using this little one! I know, I probably shouldn't let him sleep next to me, but I enjoy it!

And, to end off a long day, I needed something hearty to boost my spirits. I made cheesy rice with bulk pork breakfast sausage wrapped in egg. It was just greasy enough to make me feel good!

It was so nice to visit with Amanda and her little family! I hope that I get to see them more often and just spending time with her gave me some creative inspiration!


M.KATE said...

hi holly, so now I know Casey has some Japanese wonder both are you love all things japanese.

the pillow is really cute. we have a huge japanese expats here and japanese food is everyone's favorite..a bit on the expensive site but still affordable.

my daughter love hello kitty, well..i love hello kitty too and all stuff japanese, they are sooo cute, petite and great in detail. I was thinking, why dont we do a swap, i'll send you something from malaysia, a goody bag of sort of few of malaysian handicrafts. everyone does swap nowadays and i have never done it before. But, it's ok if you dont send anything at all, i dont mind, really. I'll get it done when i am back from my Siem Reap/Cambodia trip next weekend to see Angkor Wat!! So, am really exited about the trip now.

As for your job, try visualisation before sleep, it's one of the most powerful method, but you must visualise not trying to get it but actually got the job and starting work. Anyway, i will pray for you as i know how it is when we cant get something out of the mind.

you've been a great blog-friend, so i am blessed to have known you.
big hug to you :)

daydreamer said...

Hi bunbun,
I love Jap publications too! The photos are always so nicely taken! Just looking at the pages made me feel happy. Although I can't really understand everything, I tried guessing some characters :p

Amanda said...

I had so much fun hanging out with you! I loved our long, crazy, rainy walk. :) I wish I would have picked up one of those magazines now, it looks fun! I love the Cotton Time I got though. I'll have to keep getting those. I'm glad you like your little gnomes!

Ku said...

TT_TT Colon daisukiiiii~

Your observations of Nigel seem to confirm my hypothesis that small dogs have pillow radar. I made a zabuton to sit on while I was reading, but Crickette took it over and it eventually became her dedicated bed... it still has her fur all over it.

I love the fabric prints you found. They look like good choices for some zakka crafting!

Ganbarimashou, ne~

squall said...

the pillow so cute...

mushroommeadows said...

I will definitely check out the magazine next time I go to the book store. :D

CUTE pillow!!!

Hey Harriet said...

Oh those teeny weeny gnomes are so cute! As is the pillow! & that bowl of food looks absolutely delicious, a nice little pick-me-up feel-good type of meal. YUM :)

Little Paris said...

The magazine is really a bargain!! I wish they are available here and with the same price! My Japanese friend came over last month and she was so excited to read the magazine you sent to me^^. Best wishes from Little Paris.

Tizzalicious said...

Oooh that fabric! Fantastic!

bunbun said...

mkate, oh thank you! That is too sweet! i am glad that you like Hello Kitty. I do adore the tiny details and nice touches that so many Japanese things have . I am always drawn to it like a magnet!
I will send you an email soon when you get back from Cambodia, you lucky lady!

daydreamer: I am with you on trying to figure out the characters! I just love lounging around staring at the pics!

amanda: I am glad you got Cotton Time, I have always wanted one, but you will make way better use of it, because I know I will just stare at the pages and never do anything with it!

Ku- you made a zabuton! How cool is that!??!!

Little Paris: I am so glad that you like the Orange page i sent you! I will send you another this summer, if you would like.

Thanks for all the sweet comments about the fabric! I need to get to the store soon and get what I need for the little tiny project i have planned. It really isn't anything technical at all, I am going to make a recipe message board for the kitchen, I just need some cork!

nipper said...

Well that doesn't sound like such a bad day to me, even nursing pains. I can totally realate to magazine therapy LOL!

TokyoBunnie said...

i LOVE that fabric!!