Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sunny Days

The weather has been stunning here in Portland, which has made for a great week. We have been taking long walks and the birds are chirping, everything coming out of hibernation.
The best news is that i have been able to wear shorts!
Yesterday I made these Snickerdoodles, taken from the In the recipe, the author even gives the history of the cookie. Snickerdoodles are so simple but so good. I halved the recipe making 3 dozen. I ran out of white sugar after I made the dough, I rolled them in light brown sugar and cinnamon. I think I like that better, it gave it a little crispy shell.

Later that afternoon we went for a walk about an hour before sunset. Here is my husband. These ground succulents are his favorite, so I really love these pictures of him admiring them. I just love him in general!

Here are couple highlights from the walk

This mossy path is so lush and pretty. I really love moss!

For dinner we had Bacon wrapped Turkey Mignon. I got them fresh at Trader Joes. Here is a leftovers in Casey's bento. The green stuff in the background is Edamame Hummus. I never knew the two would be so yummy and refreshing together! I love the turkey mignon because it is on a stick and you can eat like a lollipop if you wanted to!

I love spring!!!!! Tomorrow we are going to try and go to the Japanese Gardens and view the sakura!!!!!!!!!


M.KATE said...

hi holly, looks like you are good at baking, me? let's say baking's not my best so muffin pans are all stored up at the moment, cant wait to see the Japanese garden and my fav flower, sakura !! happy weekend :)

Tizzalicious said...

Hmmmm, those cookies look delicious!

Amanda said...

Ooh the Japanese garden! I love it there so much. Have you been to the Chinese garden? I haven't yet. Your pictures make me miss Portland so so much! We're going to try to go up there before April is over. I miss the green and the flowers. My trees are just about to flower - I check them every morning! :)

mushroommeadows said...

You make EVERYTHING look so good and happy and just worth living for. :)

Ku said...

I really am gonna have to move to Portland. ;_; It's got everything.

I shall nevar tell you my evil senbei plan to save the world! XD You'll have to wait and see whot it ends up being. BWAHAHA!

Also, also, I want you believe me when I say I really am impressed with your photography. I am a strong believer in natural talent when it comes to having an eye for composition, and I feel that you definitely do have it. I know you're busy with school and home, but I think it'd be a shame to keep your talents in the realm of hobby. I hope you'll really consider the world of artistic photography, gallery display, or at least stock imagery.

In the meantime, I will keep snatching up all of your pictures and stuffing them into my hard drive. XD

Ku said...

PS: Fencepost picture is the awesomest.

kawaii crafter said...

Love the cupcake holders. The cookies look good too. In fact I wish I had one now.