Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sugary Sundrops/Succulent Appreciation Day

Thursday I made these little sugar cookies (it seems like the only cookie I bake is some sort of variation of the sugar cookie, but they are very popular with the cookie monster that I am married to!) topped with Sundrops. Has anyone ever tried Sundrops before? They are organic M&Ms and they have a taste that is extremely addicting. it is hard for me to bake these cookies because I end up eating a ton of Sundrops while I am baking them!

So this weekend (weekends for us are Friday and Saturdays) the weather was COLD. The sun came in and out and when it did peek through the gray skies, we would rush outside and do some gardening. I am so proud of Casey's work, he planted a ton of different tomatoes varieties, basil, artichokes, more lavender, and more strawberries.
Here are some flowers that got planted this weekend:

I am not sure what this is, it is a perenial, and has the prettiest little flowers on it, here is a bud taken in macro mode.

And Casey planted a lot of succulents which I am happy about because succulents make him happy the same way Sakura blossoms make me happy. Here are some macro shots that he took of his newest plants, after a light rain.

We even got one for the bedroom.
The more plants we have around and fresh cut flowers, the more alive and cheerful the house feels. We went through a little phase where we were very busy and most of our plants died, it feels really good to be back into the swing of things again!


Amanda said...

I love, love, love your plant photos! Especially the bleeding heart and the succulents. Very pretty with your new camera. ;) I have never tried sundrops, I'll have to now. The fronts of those seed packets are so cool! What brand are they?

Milkberry said...

OMG I envy you and your ginormous garden!! Around here to have a huge garden like that you have to be at least a millionaire LOL.

Your garden is lovely! It makes me happy by just looking at it. Ooo cookies! Wanna trade? I give you my cupcake and you give me a cookie. Deal?

*hands a cupcake at the screen* :)

Hey Harriet said...

What gorgeous photos! I just found your wonderful blog via SpittingInk's gushy blog post about you. & she has fab taste :)

bunbun said...

Amanda- The plant packets are 5 for a dollar at walgreens, I think they are called American heritage. I don't know if they will grow or not, but it's worth a shot right?!

bunbun said...

milkberry- thanx for the cupcake! I think we would happily live in Tokyo is a cubbyhole over our house! I actually like small spaces. But since do live in Oregon I am glad that we are taking advantage of it. The last few years we haven't done much in the yard

H. Harriet- nice to meet you! I checked your blog out a minute ago and it is very pretty and cool. I look forward to reading it in the future!

Tizzalicious said...

Yum, those cookies look gooood!

amy said...

Hooray for succulents!

I like the little snail in your planter. He will remind you to water your plants next time the two of you are neglectful.
He'll say "pssssst, Holly, don't forget about your thirsty little children."

p.s. I am left handed too, I used that as my excuse for not learning how to tie my shoes properly until I was ten. I still struggle with the shoe tyeing.

ling239 said...

it is so wonderful to have a home with so many variety of blooms ~ ^_^

M.KATE said...

holly, now i am envious of you (sob..sob..) you've got a gorgeous garden that i want, love that first pink flower picture, i thought it looked like rabbits (looking it sideways anyway...) and you can bake and cook so well too!! what a lucky casey!!

and i've got 2 awards for my good friend. An E for an excellent blog, and a cute bear for the cute blogger - YOU. sorry, i didnt do the linking because i have a long list, ultra busy, out of office soon, out of town (back to MIL ..9 hours away), 45 minutes speedboat ride to perhentian fm my MIL place and i couldnt go (more sob..sob..) not even if i shed crocodile tears for my husband, cos the trip is too short, but me internet-less for at least 3 days (now wailing...)but i'll send a postcard from there to you, plus will catch up when i am back. till then, happy week and weekend to you and Casey, a big bear hug to you :) how i wish i could taste those cookies....

mushroommeadows said...

I want some sundrops. They sound amazing. :) And the cookies look scrumptious.

Wow. I am so jealous of your garden oasis. It's lovely!!! :)