Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ikea Shelf Update!

The shelf is up! Well, it has been up since the evening of my last post, but I have had the hardest time getting a decent photo of it. Anyways, I love it and it is nice to be able to display my vintage stuff better and more safely. The shelf actually was really easy to put up, it was the fact that we needed huge screws to hang it, and that took a minute to track down.

Here is my secondary shelf next to it.

The Better Homes and Gardens cookbook is a shout-out to my Mom, who has had that cookbook since- well actually I have no idea when she got it, but probably close to 1962, when my father and her got married.I love how used it is, you can tell her favorite recipes by the burn marks and dog-eared pages. I love everything on the shelves because either it came from family or Casey and I found it together.
The Bambi book on the main shelf we got on our honeymoon when we made a pit stop at the thrift store. The illustrations are done like paintings and I have always wanted to frame some of the pages, but Casey won't let me. I know he is right about not tampering with the book, but sometimes I have come really close to just doing it anyways while he is at work. Now that I have the shelf to display the book, there are no more worries of a Bambi book massacre! One time I even bought frames for the pages while he was at work, but I forgot to hide them and he found the frames with the book sitting out and he grabbed them and confiscated everything!!!!
Bambi is our little theme, I have talked about in the past.
Spring cleaning has been going really well, we now have a van full of Goodwill donations. I just have one more area to clean out, which is my closet, which is the least favorite mission and I am blogging right now instead of doing it.


Heather Buchanan said...

Okay, you have the cutest kitchen ever. I'm so completely impressed and giddy and bouncing and bubbly over it.

I love how Ikea blends so seamlessly with pretty vintage wonders.

Oiyi said...

Your kitchen is fantastic! Love the new shelf.

Amanda said...

That is really, really cute! We're coming up to Portland for sure a week from today. I'm so excited to go to Ikea with Dustin. I might need to get one of those shelves now, not to be a copycat. :) Did it come with those cup hooks? I know for sure I want to get more of those chalkboard cupboards, I love the one I have!

Milkberry said...

Yeay you're done! *Pats you on the back* Yeay you!

bunbun said...

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments on my kitchen! After I posted this, I thought I cant believe I just posted like 5 pics of a shelf!

Heather, nice to meet you, I love your blog, it is very funny!

Amanda- yay!!!! Coming to PDX soon! Let me know whenever you want to hang out. Casey said that he can probably take one of those days off, so let me know if you want to hang out any of those days and he will ask for them off. And just cause I went to Ikea last wk doesn't mean I wouldn't be down to go again! Actually everytime I go there when I leave I am already planning on what to get next, haha.
That is not copycat if you get the shelf. It is a great price. And yeah, it does come w/ the hooks. Those chalkboard cupboards are awesome! Something about Ikea that makes me want to put everything on rails and shelves, etc. Anyways.... long comment, just like I said earlier, I would love to spend some time w/ you, but only after you get the time you need together as a family.

ling239 said...

u have a very cute Doreamon cup !! ^O^

M.KATE said...

so cute and organised too!! i love that doraemon cup :)

kawaii crafter said...

Your kitchen is so cute. I like how you're displaying all your vintage pieces.

Spitting Image said...

I'm a guy and I think your kitchen is cute, howd'ya like them apples.
I don't even like apples, I had to perform in a midevial feast as a juggling jester and I did the whole taking-a-bite-out-of-apples-while-juggling-them bit and I almost kept sneaking off to spit up the taste of apple. I guess I do like green apples and candied apples, and I love going on tangents.