Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fantastic Day/New Camera

Well, that didn't take very long! I got a new camera today and I am so happy! I really thought I was going to have to wait longer, but I ended up being able to get one and I am overjoyed! My last camera broke due to me, not the camera. I had a half broken SD card inside it and it broke the connector pins off. So I won't be careless like that this time! It is a Samsung S1050, I really liked my Samsung L73, and I feel familiar with it. I am still getting used to it because it has a lot new features. Thank goodness for tax season!
As I was walking home I couldn't wait and I was on a quiet street, so I ripped the packaging open and took these pics.

This week I have been making Flatbread from this month's issue of Martha Stewart. This recipe is so easy, which is so nice because it is something I can bake even on a busy day. The bread rises really fast and there is only a minute of kneading so you can mix it up really fast after work and relax for about 45 minutes and then bake it for 10 minutes. I sprinkled garlic powder on top. I made some last night with chicken, pesto, roasted peppers, and fontina cheese.
Tonight I made some with chicken, marinara sauce(store-bought), spinach, and mozzarella cheese. The recipe makes 4 sandwich style flatbreads.

I also made a pear cake, which I didn't have the best luck with. =( I have more batter, so I will try it again and see!


amy said...

This is a little stalkerish, but when I read that your camera was broken, I was truly saddened. I really enjoy your pictures and the food that you make. I am SO HAPPY you got a new one!

You gave me a great idea, my camera just broke as well, I need to get a new one too. I will be using it for my Etsy shop. I can use my tax money to buy one, and then use the purchase as a deduction for next years taxes! Sorry for thinking aloud in your blog.

Amanda said...

Yay, I'm glad you got a nice new camera! Those flatbreads look really good.

M.KATE said...

wohoo..holly's back into action :), love the first pic as my fav are always plants, so we are both into korean soap operas..but nowadays i dont have much time to see them and try not to start as I cant stop when i do, cant wait to see your next post, happy weekend my good friend :)

mushroommeadows said...

Yay for the new camera. It takes great pictures! :)

And...the flatbread looks really tasty. YUM!

Oiyi said...

Hurray for the new camera! Those flatbread sandwiches look mouthwatering.

nipper said...

Hi there, nice to meet you!
I think I came across you on La Vie Est Belle. I love your site! My dad is an amateur photographer, too, and his style is very similar to yours. Love your blog! I had fun with your antiques post especially. Enjoy your new camera, lady!

bunbun said...

I am so thrilled about my new camera, so thanx everyone. I feel like this camera is smarter than me!
I need some time to get used to the settings, etc.

Mkate, I don't see many k-drama anymore either!

Nipper, very nice to meet you and thank you for your sweet comment!

Amy- Glad you thought of that for your new camera. That totally sucks bout your camera breaking! What is April Camera Breaking Month or something?
Good luck with getting a new one!