Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Redmond Antique Co-op

Last Redmond post, I swear! I just had such a great time... My mother in law, Betty and my sister in law Amanda took Casey and me to the town's Antique co-op. So much fun! Amanda has written about in the past on her blog. I love vintage stuff, and the prices were reasonable, a nice change from Portland. The different booths were all so interesting and set up very nicely. I love taking photos in stores, and this place was set up so that I could do so without too many people noticing. Here are a few things I noticed, but did not buy:

I love this stewardess thermos!

And these old spice tins were bright and cheerful.

This was the store front, sign is super cute, we are not so photogenic in this pic, it was cold!

What I did buy that day was this gingham jar set! I love it, it is so delicate and pretty. I love gingham, I think I talk about it a lot on this blog.

While we were there I fell in love with this vintage espresso pot, which thanks to google I found it is called a Moka Pot. I have never seen a ceramic topped pot like this.

I didn't buy it, it was 25 dollars, same price pretty much for the one I bought at IKEA, here is that one:

Not so cute is it??? So the price for the vintage one was not bad at all. But I get weird and stingy and so I decided to think about it. The next day while I hanging out with Amanda, Casey and his mom went and picked it up for me as a surprise! I was so happy. The pot makes really, really good espresso, here is evidence.

It really tastes different, I have no idea why.
I love the yellow color too. So anyway, I am not going to use this everyday, mostly for weekend breakfasts and company. But, it is nice to know that Andrew (my brother in law) can each have our own pot of espresso when we binge drink it! I love this. Can you see how we were spoiled in Redmond?

I cannot find any info on the maker or how old this is on the internet, which intrigues me. I really want to know more about this pot.


Oiyi said...

I don't even drink espresso, but I like your new vintage espresso pot. Very cool.

Little Paris said...

About the jars, I love them too. You have a good eye! About the bag, I feel bad to take you $$ as you are my friend now.
do you have any idea in mind?..what sort of colour or shape you are fancy of? We can just start from here.^^

mushroommeadows said...

That's so cool!!! I love all your little treasures. The espresso maker intrigues me though; it really makes it tasted better? Better than starbucks even? :D

Amanda said...

Wow, that does look like good coffee! It's definitely the color of the pot that makes it taste better. :)

Amanda said...

My search for moka pot (I was curious) brought up this:
I thought you'd like it.

daydreamer said...

Oh, I love the gingham jar set! I can imagine myself putting marshmallow and gummy bears in them :p

bunbun said...

Mmeadows: Yeah, it is weird. it makes more authentic espresso than my old pot. I swear!
My coffee addiction makes it so I have drink most of it at home because I couldn't afford to go to Strbucks as much as I drink. So that is reserved for special days out I can treat myself.
Honey latte does sound pretty delicious!!!!!!! I hadnt heard about it until you told me about it!!
Amanda: that is cute tile!!!
Daydreamer: I want to out candy in them like they used to in old fashioned candy stores. I don't each much hard candy, but it is so pretty!

amy said...

I want that Moka Pot! I wish I could come over and have some espresso with you and eating up all your delicious gourmet treats.

amy said...

er, I hate typos. I meant "eat up all your delicious gourmet treats"

Hey Harriet said...

I've heard great things about those Moka Pots & yours is certainly the cutest one I've ever seen! That's a nice score! I have an old Atomic Espresso stovetop maker which I love (posted about it on my blog a few months ago :) but I mostly use my electric espresso machine because it's quicker. The Atomic makes nicer tasting espresso than the machine. Seeing your yummy looking cup of coffee, you've inspired me to fire up my Atomic right now! & I'm going to keep an eye out for one of those Moka Pots. But I want one as cute as yours!!!