Monday, May 5, 2008


This week has been so sunny and pretty! I had a great score at the thrift store this weekend, I found a Zojirushi Home Bakery Bread Machine! I have a Zojirushi rice cooker, and I love it so much that I still smile when I see it. I really don't know why it ended up there!!!!! I love Zojirushi, and I always wanted their brand of breadmaker, but never had the money for it! I had one when I was about 23 and it didn't work well, so I never really wanted one unless it was this brand, and for some reason it was at Goodwill!

So I happily brought it home, and even though I tested it out at the store, but I thought maybe it would not work halfway through, or something, because this was too good to be true! I did a white bread test run, and it was great, so I feel really lucky!

Here is tuna sandwiches with the new bread!

It was a baking supply score day at the thrift store, because I also bought nice heavy measuring cups and these mini tart tins from Sweden!

Seriously, I scour the baking aisle at my thrift store, and never find stuff like this!!!! There were over 20 in the bag! So I made these Financiers to try them out, and they were good, but I think they were too cake like. I think they were more of an Almond cake, I think I maybe put too much butter in the mix. I know that I have seen a few recipes on blogs that have recipes like these, and that is why I wanted to make something similar, but these were sort made on an impulse and I didn't have time to search, so I think that next time I am going to take the time and do better research!

Here are some shots of our yard, Casey took this Ladybug, I think it is precious!


M.KATE said...

my goodness Holly, your photography skills continue to amaze me, love love that ladybug!! and a wonderful, but as you know, i'm a very lousy baker, nothing turns out right. So, i've hung up my baking pans for the moment. Lucky you to get that breadmaker. Zojirushi? never heard of them here.

That sandwich looks very yummy!!

Yes, will talk when I am back from Cambodia on that swap thing.

gotta go now as i'd be busy the next few days but I'll hop right back here when I am back next week.

Big hug to you and take care. (and hoping you'll get that dream job of yours)


Emily said...

Congratulations to your owning of a breadmachine. Mine is a 'white elephant' already (if you know what I mean). Zojirushi is a very trusted Japanese brand. My family had a hot water flask by this brand.
The ladybug's red colour stands out against the green leaf...a beautiful picture indeed

ling239 said...

the ladybird pic is lovely ~ ^_^

Anonymous said...
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Amanda said...

I'm glad you found things that made you so happy! I was looking at some of those little tins the other day but don't think I'd ever use them. Breadmakers are fun! There are things you can do besides bread too, like pizza dough. As always I love your pictures, especially the ladybug. Let me know when you hear about that job.

Oiyi said...

Wow, I never find such good stuff at my local Salvation Army. You scored big time! The bread and the financiers look great.

bunbun said...

Thanx everyone! I do love that ladybug i that my husband took, too!

Amanda- I am excited about all the different things I can whip up in the machine! I downloaded the manual and recipe book and you can make almost anything in it- cakes, bread pudding, stuffing, jams, rice cake (mochi) meatloaf. All very nice because I bake out of my toaster oven, so I can make larger things now!

i am still in the running for the job(s)! =0 I didn't get the residency assistant position, but I am in the pool for Surgical Services Tech in the Children's ICU. I think I may be better suited for this one.
Trying to stay calm and not place too much emphasis on it because I don't want to be too let down. It is exciting to just be considered for it, however and makes me feel good. Even if I don't get into the hospital/university now, i feel good about having a goal for the future. I have talked to a few people and sometimes you have to apply a lot to get in, due to the internal hiring preference.
I have been thnking good thought, trying Mkate's visualization, and hoping for the best!

Milkberry said...

Wow! Nice! Zojirushi is really good and our rice cooker is Zojirushi, too! I wish I have a breadmaker too... but over here it's written in Japanese (well, obviously LOL) and it annoys me when I can't understand. Looking at your bread really makes me want to get one myself!

*Goes off to Yahoo JP auction* Hehehe~

Ku said...

OMG BREAD. Zoji stuff works so well, deshou? You're the luckiest Goodwill hunter, damnit~! All our Goodwill has is natty clothes and candleholders. >,<

Bread recipes, kudasaaaai~ XD

And also, is that the kind of ladybug who flies slow and eats aphids off the plants, or the smelly kind that collects in the house and bites when it lands on you? We only have the smelly kind here in Missouri, which makes me very sad.

ALSO also, I still want to swap with you, please please please. ^^

kawaii crafter said...

How exciting that you found that bread maker. I'm sure most people are just not familiar with the brand. I guess we'll be seeing a lot of baked bread on your site.

Here's a blog I thought you would be interested in. She lives in Japan and posts about food quite often. I think you'll enjoy it.

Hey Harriet said...

Very nice thrift store finds. I'm jealous! I NEVER find cool stuff like that at thrift stores. & that tuna sammie looks so good (& I don't even like tuna!) They're wonderful photos of your garden treasures. The sweetest things can often be found in our own backyards :)

Shell (貝殼) said...

~~ i like the ladybird picture^^

squall said...

the bread seem soft...i love your yard photo very much...

woolies said...

Love the ladybug! All your pics are awesome, and I almost dove through the computer screen to get to your bread, sandwich and financiers......must be hungry...

amy said...

If I had a breadmaker i'd weigh 300+ lbs. What a good find!
Can you put stuff in your bread?
(like cheese?)
that would be so much fun!
I would make garlic bread and chocolate bread and peanut butter bread and of course cheesy bread.

Tizzalicious said...

Hmm, it all looks yummie!

The food, that is, not the flowers :P

bunbun said...

kawaii crafter- thanks for the link, she is great!

Ku! You still want lemon bars??? I wanted to wait until you were ready after everything that happend recently/ Lets talk soon!
I think we have the aphid eating ladybugs. I have never heard of smelly indoor ladybugs before! Only cute ones that seem timid! You really need to come to Portland! And escape from killer biting ladybugs! LOL!

woolies, thank you for looking at my page and for your sweet comment! I love the figures you make

amy, I am afraid of gaining weight from too much bread! but I pretty much only eat carbs anyways, it is just easier to eat huge honkin piece of bread and not realize it! But you can make whole grain bread as well. I love bread and rice over meat anyday! Except for fish, I really could care less about meat, even though I would never be a vegetarian, because I am lazy and have no self control! and i really like bacon. Anyways, yeah, you can make cheesy chocolate peanut butter bread if you wished to!

mushroommeadows said...

Amazing finds!!! I'm very happy for you...the bread looks delicious. YUM!

Nic said...

That bread looks so good! Makes me want to get a bread maker too.