Monday, April 28, 2008

Lazy Weekend/Dreams for the future

This weekend was marvelous, we hung around the house most of the time. Things are going to start getting really busy for us soon, so it was really nice to take some time out to enjoy not doing much. Thursday night Casey brought home a large amount of asparagus from his work, so we made Asparagus Tempura, with rice.
Here is the batter mix

Served up:

In a bento for the next day's lunch

For dessert we had these vanilla soy milk ice cream banana splits, topped with coconut wafer cookies.

I love soy ice cream, not really to be healthy, I just really like the taste better than dairy ice cream. But I love both!
Here are some new plants we added to the garden over the weekend.
More hens and chicks cactuses:

They have giant ones on sale at our neighborhood grocery store, fred meyers
Here are some african daisies, they are so pretty! Casey took these awesome shots.

More various flowers from the garden, I really like the the ant on the yellow flower, ants are everywhere right now!

On a walk home from the grocery store, i noticed several sakura clumps that got blown off trees during a windstorm earlier last week. I grabbed a bunch of them and made little dome bouquets for the living room. They lasted about two days and I felt they were a nice tribute to say goodbye to a season of beautiful sakura that means so much to me.

A lot of great things are happening around here in our household. I am trying out for a job that coincides with my goals for the future. I am keeping it undercover for now, because I don't want to jinx my dreams. But if it does come true, everything will change for the better for us. I haven't been able to sleep, I am so excited! One clue is that if I get this job they will pay for a lot of my tuition. It is located at my dream university, the one I aspire to attend as a student someday. If i don't get a job here, all is not lost, but this is the king of all jobs! My sister in law, Amanda is town for a few days! I am meeting up with her later today, I am so excited!
Also, I have been setting up my Flickr account. I have so many photos, it is hard to organize. For awhile I was accidently uploading duplicate photos, and not knowing it. I have fixed this problem, and now I am working on organizing into sets properly. I will have a garden and baking section, so check it out! The photostream is a little messy at the moment, but I have the sets pretty well organized. If this dream job doesn't work out, I have been offered a job at a camera store in Downtown Portland. That would be a fun part time job, I think. But I really want this secret job. It is all I can think about!!!!


Oiyi said...

Love the macro shots! Good luck on your dream.

M.KATE said...

GOOD LUCK TO YOU, setting up a flickr account is fantastic and a great way of showing your beautiful photos. I hope and pray that you'll get it :)

ling239 said...

wow... so many beautiful flowers ~ ^_^

Tizzalicious said...

I hope your plans will go well!

The ice cream looks delicious :)

daydreamer said...

Hi bunbun,
The asparagus tempura looks good :d~~~ I like tempura but somehow the crispy coating turns soft after a while.
A question - do you usually heat up your bento before eating?
All the best for your plans!

Milkberry said...

good luck with your dream job and your plans! btw you cook more japanese food that i do lol :P

amy said...

Is that blue polka dot thing a lunch box? How cute. I want one!

psst...I may or may not make those delicious muffins tonight. My pictures will be embarassing compared to your magazine-like photos, but if they don't work out, I will indeed share the recipe if anything.

kawaii crafter said...

The asparagus tempura looks delicious. Every time I make tempura it never comes out well, sigh.

bunbun said...

Thanks for all the well wishes!

Daydreamer: yes, tempura gets soggy the next day, I think making sure that the batter is really thin (like milk) helps. Have you ever tried using panko instead of tempura batter? I know that is a popular method, too.
I do eat my bento cold, but I like cold food, and I am kind of picky about using a microwave. I don't like microwaves, and when I make noodles or saucy food I like how the flavor comes out after sitting overnight. I think my husband heats his up at work, though....I will have to ask him
oh yeah, and maybe keeping fried food in foil might help with keeping things crispy. That is what most of the photos of fried bento food has.

bunbun said...

milkberry- whatever, you make awesome food! and very stylized, which is a huge factor in japanese cooking

bunbun said...

amy, that is a lunch box sold at Daiso, a japanese dollar type store! I love Daiso! The closest one to me, however, is in Seattle.
I am stoked to hear about your muffins, either soon or later, if that makes sense. I hate being pressured to bake things, so I understand if you don't bake them tonight. I love baking, but it has to be on my terms!

amy said...

we don't have a japanese dollar store, how sad.

I will not be making muffins tonight. Grr. I suddenly had the urge to clean out my closet. It's so annoying how sidetracked I get. I'm also supposed to draw and workout. Not going to happen either. I wish I had more hours in a day!