Monday, December 31, 2007

seattle trip plans

We decided that we need a little vacation yesterday, and once I found out that train tickets to Seattle is cheaper than driving, I cemented my plans. We are going to go for a weekend at the end of Feb. I am sooo very excited. Seattle is about a 3 hour train ride from Portland. What I am most excited about is that Seattle has Daiso. Daiso is a japanese store where nothing is over 3 dollars, but everything is wayyy cool. I have always wanted to go to one, just how Ikea seemed magical to me before they built one in Portland. I am giving myself 100 dollars to spend at Daiso. That is a lot of crap!!!! Also, the hotel is super cool, cheap and mod. It is right on the ocean. We have a lot of exciting plans while we go and I cant wait to have cocktails in the train bar!!!
It will be a nice break from school and work!!!
Seattle is so close to Portland, but the funny thing is that I havent been there since my 18th birthday!!! bunny hasnt been there since he was a kid.


average rai said...

That sounds so great. I've never been to Seattle, but Significant Other loves it. What is the hotel called?

bunbun said...

The hotel is called the Ace Hotel, there is one on Portland, too, but it hasn't opened yet. I am so excited about my trip!