Tuesday, December 25, 2007

christmas yuki day

Today has been a wonderful christmas!
We woke up and I made coffee and bunny gave me his gift a DIY tote bag kit
that he put together, fabric from bolt, a pattern, and straps.
so cute!
Then we did the yearly tradition of going to game crazy and i got him a controller.
It snowed today, so beautiful, like we were in a snow globe, the flakes so big i swear i could see snowflake pattterns.
it was so pretty and romantic. we had coffee and watched the snow from the front deck. then we listened to music with andrew
and i set up an appetizer table which i am quite proud of.
i am so happy today and so happy to be with bunny
we had dinner just now and it was stuffing and our maple smoked ham from new seasons. it was great.
best christmas ever! oh yeas, and i saw the most beautiful robin red breast in the snow today! it was magical!

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average rai said...

Sounds like a charming Christmas. Love the snowflakes on the picture!