Sunday, December 30, 2007

good weekend

starting school soon, kind of nervous. this is a good weekend, bunny went back to work just now. i have been having so much trouble waking up in the morning! We mostly spent time hanging around the house, but I did get my North Face backpack yesterday.
I also went to target and got some cute sponges with dots all over them and some pajama bottoms on clearance for 3 dollars. I shop in the little girls department and I always get funny looks, so does bunny(when he is with me). It really has nothing to do with my weight, either, I shopped there even when I was bigger. It is just because my frame is so small. Not all stores do I have to do that, but i do at target. It doesn't really bother me because its cheaper and they make children's clothes so grown up nowadays, too bad for the kids.
I made split pea soup, and I have to say, it is very good. I love spooning it over rice. The last two days the weather has been so dark and gloomy making it hard to leave the house unless you have to. Today at least there is some brightness, so I am going to try to get out for a bit.
Well, I am going to finish making my cappuccino. After bunny gets home today we are going to Bolt and getting more fabric, then I am going to make the Noren curtains for the living room tonight.


average rai said...

I can't believe this. I shop in the little girls' section of Target as well! Mainly for sweaters or cute little jackets. I'm tiny too!

I'm jealous. No pea soup for me this weekend. I didn't get to the grocery store. But I have the day off tomorrow, and plans for shopping.

Do you have pictures of the curtains?

bunbun said...

As soon as I am finished making the curtains I will take photos!!! I tried to get the rest of the fabric today, but the store was closed. bummer!
that makes me feel good you shop in that department too!!!!!!